Monday, November 2, 2009

Embracing God's beautiy in the simple things.

This morning I am so grateful for the beauty that God has created and put on a pallet for us to enjoy at our own will. Too often we take for granted the things that are right under our noses, or just out from our eyes.

Sue had posted yesterday sharing about her out of town visit and her nice walk on the beach. I live on the coast and simply do not take advantage of that often enough,. In fact, I don't take advantage of my own neighborhood.

This morning that changed. I walked the kids to school. I committed to them, and about to commit to the school office that I will be walking them to and from school all week! The weather is supposed to be so beautiful. I am definately taking advantage of that. In fact, instead of hitting the gym, I may hit the park with the kids!! They would love that, we get fresh air, and I can still get a good workout in!

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  1. Sounds like great quality time for you and the kids... Have fun at the park!


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