Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday Fun

I don't know if I am going to get everything posted that I want to for this morning, but I am going to try. OF course my beautiful you will be a whole other post! :) It deserves it's own obviously.

I am so stoked. Krogers has just done me so well lately. They have had some great sales, on items I need for the baking season. As I have said before, I do indulge my family on treats ~ IF I make them. That way I at least know what they have in them, and I LOVE TO BAKE and create! I may not eat it, but this is the time of year those things are made more often then not. But with their sales, and coupons I have (or going to have) most of the ingredients I need to create those things, and stay well within my regular budget. THAT is a joy that brings a smile to my face! I am NOT going to have to scrape a bit here and there to get the stuff for fudge, or what not. :) Love it! Walgreens also has some things on sale this week that I am going to pick up today (it sounds weird but that is what it is) like flour, sugar, coffee! Love it! So this morning I will be hitting my local KRogers ( turkey's for 27cents a pound) and Walgreens along with a few other places like Toys R Us , Kohls, Target, and Hobby Lobby. One of those in and out days. :) Love it!

I plan on spending lots of time outside today, and maybe a bit tomorrow as well. It is so lovely. Sunday after church I plan on working on those Christmas Cards. I haven't yet found the time, but yay! I will plan on MAKING the time!

One more week of school, then we (at least the preschool) are out for a full week for Thanksgiving. I plan on that week, taking care of Pre ~ Christmas decorating ( like moving furniture around, putting outside lights up ~ not to be turned on until the day after Christmas, pulling out the Christmas decorations, taking down the fall decorations). I will also be prepping my portion of the Thanksgiving dinner. (1 pecan pie, 1 lemon meringue pie, cookies/browines, and MAYBE a special treat for my mom for her birthday). I also have green beans, and a green bean casserole to do, but those won't be done until that day. Since I will have two days with my kids still in school, I may spend that day making up some fudge and putting it in the freezer for Christmas time. Just getting a step ahead. Who knows.

Not really a whole lot to report of the last few days. I need to update my stats on the side. :) It is a good update. Maybe I will have something more profound later to share. Tootles.

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  1. mmmmm!! You just got me so hungry and so excited for Thanksgiving and the upcoming holiday season. I LOVE to bake too, this is the best time of year =)


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