Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I AM.....

This morning I am spending a few moments reflecting in all the changes that have occured this year. I realized I am becoming something I have always wanted.
 I AM:
a wife
a mother
a daughter
a sister
a friend
a singer
a minister
a worshipper
a writer
a homemaker
a baker
a chef
a makeover in the raw
usually in a state of peace, even in the midst of caos
a coffee addict
kind and tenderhearted  ( I am one of those who will cry at a commercial!)
a drama queen at times
living a purposeful life
a home decorater
a teacher by gift, not by training
a talker
a reader
a shopper
a fashionetta diva in the making (once again)

and to tell you the truth, I am still so much more. It is exciting for me, to allow myself to be who I am. To seek out the things that bring me pleasure, and to finally enjoy living. Yesterday I came in, and just began tackling some of my places of "caos". I dont' naturally live in caos, but there are times in our life where it seems that it just happens. I am off next week, my kids are in school two of those days. I don't want to spend my days off (and alone) tackling these projects, so I am working hard this week to get these things done, so that when the time comes I can enjoy and feel blessed about having things done and not feeling overwhelmed. It was very fleeting to be doing these things, without having to use a 'to do" list. It all just came so naturally, and I loved every bit of it! I enjoyed myself, it wasn't such "hard" work, or what have you. I truly felt "at home" in my home. I haven't always felt that, especially lately. I know that as time continues not only will I feel comfortable in my home again, but I will eventually feel comfortable in my own skin. Dont' get me wrong, I love the "new" me, but there are days I just long for the number on the scale. I would get rid of my scale, if I could handle the pressure of it, but seriously people I still weigh daily, often twice a day. I am not effected by the result, as it is staying the same, and I have been on track pretty well, so I know that there is no reason for a massive gain/freakout session. But I also have to admit, that since it isn't changing, it is keeping me totally on track and constantly saying NO to starbucks (*don't pass out please!*), and other yummy seasonal goodies.

Anyway, sometimes I think it is a good thing to evaluate our lives, and see where we are at the moment. Who we are. We are God's creation, so we (whether we want to or not) are always changing one way or another. I am excited about that change. It will either mean I am growing, or backsliding. I don't want to go backwards, so I must press forward. I choose to press forward! I choose to inspire others to do the same.

Now that I have interrupted your day,  you might want to consider making your own list of who YOU are. Sometimes taking inventory, can let us know where we are, and maybe what areas we want to work on.

With Much Love,

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