Friday, November 6, 2009

Taking a moment for the simple things

I have so much to share today, so much that has been on my heart, so I am going to just go with the flow of what is floating around in my head, and allow you take a peek at what I am all about. (Like you dont' already know! ) Things may seem jumbled, but like I said I have lots to share and I don't have time to sit and compartmentalize it all in little areas. So.. here goes:

*Taking a moment to breath it all in*

This week, walking has for the most part been our mode of transport. We walk to school ( the kids, and I even walked to work one day), and have comitted to do so more often. I am working diligently to embrace these "natural" forms of exercise into my daily life rather then "forcing" workouts. As a busy mom of three young kids I only see it as the right way for our family, at least right now. So, as a mom and a wife who takes her roles pretty responsible, I am cancelling my gym membership. It will put 32 buckaroos back into the budget for the month ( not that it is a whole lot), but it would honestly be a waste. This excites me. As I was walking, I realized how much I have been missing out on. For the first fall ever (that I remember anyway) I have seen so many changes in our trees. Usually I see them go from green to brown to gone. So, here are some landscaping pics of our trees that I couldn't help but share! Even if only for myself.


*Simple life*
I am working hard towards making our lives more simple. The simpler things can become the better. Why? Because then it gives me more time, energy, and strength to focus on my family. THEY are the most important people in my life. I am hem hawing, and of course praying about home schooling next year. Our daughter starts Jr. High this next year, and I just can't imagine her going. Why? This is going to sound so hypocritical, but here goes my list of concerns:

* The negative influence of other children ( This is already an issue in elementary and has been for a few  years. We like our kids to be kids, and to think like kids, and to act like kids. There are alot of other parents who don't keep up with what their kids are doing ~ just so they are out of the their hair, and will often expose them to things that my husband and I do not believe that kids should be exposed to. ) Don't get me wrong, I do believe that kids should be given the chance to 'hang out" with other kids ~ and rest assured no matter what we do with schooling that happens anyway.

* I don't like what I KNOW is coming in the education system. I don't like knowing that my kids will NOT be taught in a way that builds their self esteem, and confidence in their learning in a way that excites them about learning. I have taken the time this year to work with my daughter, and RETEACH her what she is being 'tested' on weekly in a way that she has confidence in the stuff she is learning. IF I am already doing that, why not do it all the way across the board where not only is she spending 8 hours at school, but having to do some more at home.

*See that statement above? Why is it that these kids spend 8 hours a day at school, and yet still have an hour's worth of homework EVERYDAY ~ even weekends? And that is without a decent recess which is another whole issue with me. LOL KIDS NEED TIME TO BE KIDS!

*My husband is seeing what is going on, and is beginning to understand this desire. We discussed the other day, and he said we could try it if we want. I plan on continue to discuss this and make a decision very soon for the next school year.

Okay, I gotta run take care of some of those simple things I discussed, like laundry, cleaning te living room, balancing the budget, and ya know.. living life! HOpe to be back later tonight! ~ In fact I will be! I gotta  hit up day 2 of Beautiful you!

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  1. YEs i have homeschooling or priavte school crossing my mind....too After driving highschool kids around for a while now I GO WOW on the things i see and hear.......Thought i knew EVERYTHING about LIFe and other things ......nope i have learned alot from those kids which makes me not want my kids to learn or hear........ WE can only protect and preach to our kids so much and just pray for the best that they dont get into all that crazy that this world has . MISS YA


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