Monday, November 16, 2009

It matters

It matters. Everything you do, even in your own private times, it matters. Don't thing that for one moment because no on see's .. that it shouldn't matter. It does! You know why? YOU know! That is it. YOU know. Know matter what you do, it matters. It molds you, it changes you, it makes you who you are. This very moment.

I read all these sob stories, about how hard it is to get to goal, how tough it is to resist temptation. Don't get me wrong. I UNDERSTAND where you are. I understand, how hard this is. BUT STOP making excuses for yourself! STOP thinking it doesn't matter because no one will know. The point is this.. YOU KNOW!! YOU are the one , the ONLY one who controls what you eat. YOU are the one who controls what you do with your time.

If you dont' want to lose weight, I get it. Just stop saying your "trying". TRYING is a copout. Trying is like saying, "I want to do it but I don't think I am good enough for the effort it is going to take". I have even heard statements like this: "I would rather be fat then take the time to care about my health. I would rather be fat then tell myself no to a chocolate bar."

I am not being mean. I am not being hard. I am being honest. For some of you ~ it is about time you do the same! Stop saying it's hard. Losing the weight is not as hard as you think. THAT is honestly the easy part. It will be the keeping it off that is hard. Harder then you can ever imagine. But ... aren't you worth that? I think you are ~ now it's time YOU do something about it.



  1. Hey Sheila,

    Thanks for the comments on my post. From what I've read, Agave nectar does the complete opposite to blood sugar. It's a low GI food so does NOT spike blood sugar levels.

    I personal stay away from all artificial sweeteners but found Agave nectar to be a lot better than stevia.

    I better go do more research on Agave to be sure. The only reason why I use it is because I read it doesn't spike levels.
    Thanks for the heads up!

  2. "YOU are the one , the ONLY one who controls what you eat. YOU are the one who controls what you do with your time."

    I needed that tonight Sheila! Thanks for reminding me that I'm worth it! :)

  3. Awesome post!! Well... every post on here is awesome! Can I tell you how much I looooove your honesty. We ALL need it! Thank you! =)

  4. Amen Sister! You are so right. Nobody forces us to put the "bad" foods into our mouths, nobody tells us we can't do what's right for our bodies... it's all our very own actions that put us where we are today and where we want to be. Thanks for such honesty!


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