Saturday, November 7, 2009

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood....

Before I begin, let me share some new pics of the kids (from the Park yesterday).



I honestly don't know who had more fun at the park yesterday afternoon, them or I. We climbed, we ran, we flew! LOL Let's just say it was a good game of tag, and this momma don't play to lose!! Though I did. But it feels so good to go and just PLAY with  my kids, and enjoy each and every  moment. We also found a trail that we don't know where it leads to, so we have made it our mission one day this next week to find out. Maybe I will take a pic to share with ya.

I had gotten alot done yesterday, and today is going to be no different. My husband and I managed to get the treadmill to my dad and we visited with him and my mother for a few minutes. Then it was home, and dh decided he would look at the lawn mower and fix it for me. (YAY!) I had just enough time to run (literally) to school to pic them up ( was refusing to drive). When we got home, the kids had changed and had a snack. Then we hit the bank, went to the park, then home to mow the yard. Before we left with the treadmill of course I had already taken care of three loads of laundry (2 of them being kids bedding). Needless to say, my breakfast has well worn off, and we didn't stop long enough to have lunch, so by dinner dh and I were STARVING! It was dinner. YUM. Then shower time, play time, and bedtime. I not only love being busy, but love having the time to be busy and productive in the place I love most ~ HOME.

Today is choir practice from 9 ~ 10:30, Kroger, maybe Walmart, library, then home to tackle the backyard. Weeks of neglect has lots to be done, before the days of Winter set in. All in all, today will most likely be another busy day as well, and that is perfectly well with me. I am going to get a pic of all three kids together soon, so I can get some photo pics ordered for Christmas. Or at least some good prints to do my own cards with. The cards start Sunday. HAVE TO!

Now it's time for 2 days of Beautiful you!

Day 2 (Friday)
2 things I love about me

1. The fact that I am not lazy in my own home, until it is "TIME" to be!
2. I love being outside! (Yes that is a personal trait ya know!)
2 ways I complimented someone
1. My husband : I told him I was thankful for him and all the things he does to help me.
2. The guy at JIB: I told him I was thankful they were there to cook when I simply just didn't make the time. It was a treat for my family.

Day 3 (Saturday)
2 things I love about me
1. That I love being healthy. I no longer try to self sabotage myself, and accept me for me!
2. That I can whole heartedly make good choices for my body.
2 ways I plan on complimenting someone
1.  I am going to compliment one of the ladies at choir practice.
2. I am going to compliment one of the checkers at the store today ~ totally off guard! They get so neglected and abused, and THAT is why customer service has gone down the tubes. People used to be friendly to them.

I cannot wait until tomorrow. I think I am going to make one of the family's favorite things: Pumpkin Bars! It makes a huge batch, so it will be something they can enjoy throughout the week, and it is relatively pretty inexpensive to make. PLUS... it is from scratch NOT full of perservatives. It is supposed to be a cloudy afternoon, and after spending two days cleaning up the yard, it will be a nice stay in and be cozy kind of day after church. I LOVE it! Now to figure something just as cozy and delightful for dinner. Maybe some good ol toasted sub sandwhiches. They love them, they are filling and I haven't made any rolls in a long time, so that should be fun treat for the mouth too. :) We shall see. Anyway, I am off. I must begin to get ready to head out of the house and get the things taken care of today that must be done. Maybe I will take my camera to church and do a photo shoot there of the kids for our pics. :) We shall see.

Until next time, I wish you the best of the simple things. The BEST of life, and blessings abundantly from above. God is full of all wonderful things for you today. It's up to you to accept them.

PS. IF you can, please pray for my dad. He is having another set back it seems, we are unknown for sure at this time. He had a bit of trouble with the incision on Thursday, but the doctors seemed confident that it was normal. They did take some cultures and we are waiting on that. It is leaking though, and he is worried it is bowels again. Just please pray for continued healing, strength, pray for his mind ~ where he isn't worried, and for peace for my mom and him both. Thank you so much!


  1. Your daughter looks so much like you! Your children are so beautiful! Glad you had just as much fun as they did at the park.

    I love this challenge that you are doing. It's nice to compliment yourself as well as others sometimes.

    Your father is in my prayers.

    Have a wonderful weekend! =)


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