Friday, November 20, 2009

It's happening!

It's happening! It really is. RIGHT Before my very eyes. I am ... turning... into... one of THOSE.

Yep you heard it. Straight from me.

I am.

One of them.


You really need to ask that? LOL

You haven't already figured it out?

I was driving home from a quick secret Christmas venture and .. realized as I was jammin and dancin to some song on the radio without a care in the world. I looked over, and saw smiles in another vehicle. LOL But you know what?! It didn't matter! Earlier in the day I looked over while I was waiting for my reciept from my deposit at the bank, and noticed someone staring at me in the next vehicle. Not a "awe" kind of stare, but one of longing. Not for me ~ that would freak me out, but I know where she was coming from. I remember many times noticing other people in public and just wishing I coud be as lucky to be as thin as them, to not know what a weight problem was. Funny thing is, or maybe I should say is the irony of all this is .. . I may look thin,  and like I never knew what a day in the life of someone overweight felt like but I do. I know the hurt. I know the desperation. I know the anquish. I know. But I don't want people to think that life is easy, thin or not. It isn't any easier ~ but I can tell you one thing. I DO ENJOY it tons more! Even if it looks like I had become one of those.
With Much Love,

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  1. Yeah, I've been in that kind of moment a lot lately - jammin, smiling, having a party by myself in the car... the way I see it, this world is so full of drear and downers, a little cheerfulness could only do good, not harm, right? Even if it makes us look silly :)


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