Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Just get to the point!

There are many people in the world. This is not new. We are all different. This is not new. Yet, in some ways, we are all the same. This may be new to you! LOL

I am a detailed kinda person. When I talk to you in person, I can go on and on and on without stopping or changing topics because most likely I am going to be giving you every single detail you can imagine. Why? I don't know. I just am. That is how I am wired. My loving other half on the other hand, is not. He wants you to cut to the chase, and be done. LOL Uhm... I haven't yet gotten to that point even after being together for 17 years ( 14 1/2 of that we have been married) of "just getting to the point". I dont' know if I ever will. I am working on it though, at least with him. Ha! There is probably no hope for anyone else to benefit from that.

Anyway, that is where I am right now, in everything I do. "Just get to the point!". Weightloss, Mothering, being a wife, homemaking, teaching etc. I am done just tiptoeing around everything. I am getting to the point, and to be honest, I LIKE IT! I like the fact that things matter enough to me to stop letting things just happen as it were to happen. I am not saying I am making them happen on my own, I am not. But, I am also not just letting things go past me without trying to grab them first. I have the drive, motivation, and excitment to do all that I can to reach my goals in life. I didn't have that six months ago, three months ago, not even a month ago. Heck I don't know if I had that two weeks ago.

So, the great things for me... is "game over". I no longer play games with myself. Because of that, I am not longer playing games with others.


  1. Ohh... how I feel ya, in my own kinda way. I feel like I am so old because I moved out when I was 16, graduated HS a year early, and my eldest child is nearly 8 years old! That's a lot of life experience. So on one hand I have been an adult - living an adult life for more than a decade. On the other hand, I am merely 27 (well, next month I will be) and I feel like 2009 was the first real year of my adulthood! I have figured out so much about myself, my habits, my inner being, my beliefs, my life, my family, my place in the world. This isn't to say I know exactly where I am headed... but it is so nice to know that I was made with a purpose, even though that specific purpose (or multiple purposes) have yet to be seen, I am (tip of the iceberg) beginning to get acquainted with myself, what I am made of, and a slight hint of my future potential possibilities :) If that makes sense.... I feel "Just get to the point" is what 2009 was all about for me, instead of - like you said - just playing games. I had a nasty habit of playing games with myself, which 1. Makes time pass by too quickly without embracing the moment (you said that too, huh?) 2. Prevents me from experiencing the deeper side of life - the spiritual and soul feeding side... which ultimately is the whole point of existence, isn't it? And it's an exciting feeling! It's almost liberating. To be SURE that you are heading down the life you were meant to live. It's amazing. It feels to me like freedom.

  2. WOW, sorry bout that! :) What I meant to say:

    Yep. Good for you :)


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