Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A new revolution: Beautiful YOU!

I am not one to tell you to pride yourself in YOU, but instead I would tell you to live your life that is pleasing to the Lord. So, what I am going to share with you is going to sound a bit contradictory, unless you really understand what I am sharing.

I am not one to live a shallow life, really I am not. But lately I am loving things like going into any store I want, and KNOW that without a doubt anything I want would fit. I havent' had that kind of confidence since my early twenties. Remember I am now 36. I spent a lot of years neglecting myself. Being very mean to myself. Even hating myself. I would often say "I could never hate anyone" but... that is a lie. I did. I hated me.  I hated what I had become, I hated what I looked like, and it became a vicious cycle. One that was so hard on, not only on myself but my entire family. For strangers, for anyone I came in contact with.
Why? Because, well.... who we are on the inside shows in everything we are on the outside. Too many times I have talked about judging on this blog (for instance check here and here), but we have to realize that when we judge others by our own standards we are not only cheating them, but cheating ourselves. We cheat ourselves out of getting to know someone just for who they are, not how they can fit into our own perfect little worlds. God made us each so different and until we truly accept OURSELVES for being different, we cannot appreciate the differences in others.

SO... I propose a challenge to anyone who may feel the need to work on this same thing. If finding love for yourself, is NOT an issue you have, then don't feel you have to participate because someone said challenge!! This is truly for those who want to improve not only their own self worth ( not as in putting YOURSELF first before the Lord, but for LOVING yourself) and a bit of confidence in who you are TODAY, not waiting until you hit goal,become a certain age, get the right job, fix your financial woes, or even find who you are ~  then this is for you!

There are 55 days left in 2009. Why not take those 55 days and use them to better your viewpoint before the year ends? So.. here is my challenge! Let me introduce the BEAUTIFUL YOU challenge. For everyone who participates, I made this cute little graphic for you to post wherever you would like. Just copy it into your OWN computer/photo server please! Here are the rules:

1. YOU MUST post three things you like about yourself every day. DO NOT repeat yourself! ( If you want, you can do this on a weekly basis, rather then daily. But the point is each week you should come up with 21 things you like about yourself.)

2. YOU MUST look for things to compliment others  ~ May I suggest making a goal of giving out 2 compliments a day. (DO NOT repeat compliments to the same person.) (Please share these if you feel the desire to. I would love to hear how the other person responded and any changes you might have noticed not only in yourself, but how you view others.)

That's it! For 55 days! I can't wait to hear how you have all began to seek out these things in yourself, and what happens when you also seek it out in others.

Week One:

Week Two:


  1. Great idea! I honestly don't think I would be able to list 165 things I like about myself - so I should be a perfect candidate for this challenge, right! I do understand that this, finding self worth and loving myself again, is a huge part of this weight-loss/getting healthy journey and just good in general.

    Will think about it and get back to you.

    Love the new blog by the way!

  2. Oh Annie, I am so glad you are considering joining me then. I can't imagine having that many good things either, but I am so excited about discovering them! :)

    For me, losing the weight seems to have been the easy part ~ it's the mental work that is the hardest. THAT is what so many of us forget to focus on, until we are stuck in a place like me ~ where I can't see the me that everyone else see's.

    We shall arrive!


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