Friday, November 20, 2009

Quick post of nsv's

I just wanted to blog about a few comments I recieved yesterday, and this morning. As crazy as it sounds, I think they have truly given me some motivation to possibly hit dream goal of 135. I was going to settle at 145, but... what's 10 more pounds right?!

1. You are getting so tiny! How much more do you want to lose? (a coworker)
2. You look fantastic!! How much have you lost? (A student's grandma)
3. If you lose anymore weight, you gonna have a nose like Michael Jackson! (My hubby)

And, I LOVE others calling me skinny, my husband noticed my tummy is getting really flat (finally ` not that he noticed, but that it is happening), and feeling his arms wrap completely around me when he holds me tight.

Is it so wrong to bask in these comments? I LOVE them, and as I have said they are truly motivating me to continue forward. And I am almost scared to admit this next thing because usually as soon as it is out of my mouth, it backfires.... oh what the heck! I truly have the guts, drive, to say NO to foods I am wanting. I no longer "need" them, and I can wait for another time. IN fact, it (at this very second) feels very easy for me to wait until next Friday for my free day to enjoy a Peppermint Mocha Frap (or cappacino if it is cold) from Starbucks. Two years ago, I would get at least one of those a week (and not the light) along with lots of their yummy goodness! Self control is a nice thing.

With Much Love,

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  1. It's not wrong at all and these NSV's are totally worth it. I'm so glad that they've motivated you try for the extra 10 lbs. I know you can do it, girl!


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