Monday, November 9, 2009

Time Redemption : Motivate me Monday


Sarah over at 5th Street Palace has been hosting Motivate me Monday for a few weeks and I haven't participated in any of them for a few months. But today's topic grabbed my heart, my attention.

Time. Something too many people say they don't have enough of. Something that is often left lacking for at the end of the day, yet many times we can't recount our day if our life depended upon it. I KNOW that I am a time waster, but I have to give myself some credit and say that as I have come out of this "self induced funk" as of the last few years, I am doing much better with this.

It's funny that this is the topic today, because in reality it has become a priority for me. Before I sit down at the computer, there are several things that have to be done. I do most of my computer time in the morning, when it is quiet, and I am not taking myself fom anyone. BUT... I do often still say "hang on a minute" or "give me five more minutes and I will be done" if I am working on a project or a much anticipated blog (therapy) session.

Ways I have already begun redeeming my time:
1. I reintroduced our children to our evening devotions, bible reading, and story time before bed. This is also another chance for me to pray with them individually and hear their hearts on what is bothering them. Take last night ~ both of the twins asked to pray for students in their class who were down right mean. Why? Because they want them to know the Love of God and understand that it isn't nice to be mean. We prayed for healing for Papaw, and there were a few more mixed in there. Our daughter, wanted to pray for my husband and I as we parent the children. NOT that we would be "better" parents, but that our parenting would be effective and the kids would listen. THAT my friends is worth MORE then even the best blogging session, biggest chat on facebook, a favorite tv show, whatever.

2. I no longer throw together meals. I prepare them prayerfully and with thought to each of the memebers in the house who will be eating it. I can pray that it will bless them, in ways we can't see.

3. We are walking place, rather then using the Explorer. Saving money is not the motive. Really exercise is not the motive either, but they are both great benefits. The true motive is this: To get out and enjoy the beauty our God has given us this time of year.

How I plan on redeeming MORE of my time
1. My computer time is 5:30am to 6:30 am. THAT is it. Nothing more. Not on days I have children in my care, and a husband who truly needs more of my attention and devotion then ever before. I am fortunate to have Fridays but it will depend if I am busy or not taking care of things here on the homefront.

2. Not socialize as much on facebook as I want to.

3. Spend some time sending out REAL letters! Ya  know, the old fashioned way!


  1. Real letters! Who will read them! I love it! I want to add this to my goals. To send more cards just to let people know i care and love them. Thanks for linking up this week Sheila!

  2. Since I moved to Aus, I've enjoyed sending real letters, and receiving them too. It's way more special, and I know when I mail one, I am blessing someone so much more than an email ever does. It's the best.


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