Sunday, November 1, 2009

Time to get revamped

Yes, my friends. It's that time. A NEW MONTH! How exciting right? What are you doing this month to make a difference in your life? (Ya know, health wise, finanacial wise, in prep for the holidays, whatever you been facing.) Are you moving forward or are you stagnant?

Today I woke up just plain exhausted. I didnt' want to do anything. I simply wanted to just stay put for a few hours. It has been a while since I have been this busy, and while I love being busy, I don't like feeling like I am running all day every day without having a chance to take a breath. I don't put my kids in a million things for a reason. Being busy is good, it keeps us out of trouble, but in many ways, it also gets us into trouble. When we are busy, we sometimes do not have to face simple things such as emotions and feelings we may be having, but I have found out that I lose my footing, my ground. When I am going three different directions from the time I wake up till I go to bed, I miss out on a lot! I miss out on some much needed prayer time. Sure I can pray anywhere, anytime, but having those few minutes in the mornings and evenings to devote to prayer, and one on one time with God, is what builds my strength to face times like these. Seriously, these busy times are not slowing down for me for quite awhile. Because of that reason I am letting a few more things go, and making sure I get that time I realize the fatigue I feel isn't all physical. Alot of it is spiritual. When your in the ministry ( and in it more ways then one) often times we spread ourselves too thin. While I have some goals for November, I am putting my prayer time, and some REST time top two priorities. I have to be complete, and I can't face another day feeling this tired. So as the month progresses, not only do I plan for my health to improve, but every aspect of my life. It all starts with time devoted with my Heavenly Father, and that I CAN control. Nothing will come between that. Not blogging, not facebook. nothing! My workouts at the gym are also a top priority, for reducing stress and for maximum toning. Also... it is a good "alone" time, where my kids are engaged in something that they enjoy, safe, and that is still in a controlled environment. I will only commit to a 45 minute workout at a minimum of 4 days a week, possibly 5.

Gosh this is just a rambling post! Lol ! Oh well... ya'll can hang.

Candy Craze at church last night was amazing. I am so proud to be a part of a church that LOVES families, children, and serving their community. We as a family had a good time, and the kids will remember it all for a long time to come. There is already a big deal being planned for Easter, so yay! I had a Candy Craze shirt in an adult medium that fit great. But do you want to know something funny? One of the twins caught a flying shirt and it was a youth large. Uhm, it fits too!! LOL That is the second thing I have tried on in kids' sizes that fits. CRAZY!

My house smells so good! I have about 7 pounds of chicken legs/thighs roasting in the oven, and 3 pounds boiling on top of the stove for a pot of chicken and dumplings for dinner (my husband's favorite). There is just something about the smell of roasted chicken that just comforts me, and tempts my tummy for goodness. Well, I am going to go and finish cooking those dumplings, and get the rest of dinner finished. One load of laundry is in the dryer, and once that is done we are done for the day, and I will be going to bed at a decent time tonight. (again).  Have a blessed evening.

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