Thursday, December 10, 2009

25 Days of Christmas: Day 10 GUEST POST!

Today's 25 days of Christmas post is brought to you by the sweet and little did I know soul sissta of mine Annalisa. Over time we are both learning how much alike we are in so many aspects of our lives. I was so happy when she said she was in, on sharing part of her Christmas with us! So, without further ado, here ya go!

Here in Australia, Christmas dinner is the usual "Thanksgiving Feast".... you know the one - Turkey, honey glazed ham, stuffing, roasted veggies, everything with all the trimmings. All except for pumpkin pie - Australia has never had pumpkin pie! So sad. But then again, it is summer here, so it is more commonly mangos for dessert - it is way too hot to bake :)

I actually grew up in Oregon, and a 2 day drive from all our relatives living in Utah. The holidays were a time to spend with our family, but not the relatives. It was quiet and cheerful. I remember staring at the thermometer waiting for it to get down to 32 degrees so it would snow. Even if it was a clear night, I would wait and wait for it to snow. I loved it. It was the season to bless the neighbors with enough cookies and candies to kill them with cholesterol poisoning, or at least try anyway. My grandmother's speciality was peanut brittle, but my mother's favourite was always rocky road, and white divinity a close second.

When I was quite young, my mother decided that the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays were too close together to cook all that food for just the four of us on both holidays. It is less than 30 days apart after all. So early on our "traditional" Christmas dinner became crab legs.

Yes, I know that sounds funny. But if you think about it, December is the season when Alaskan King Crab legs are in season, but Turkey... prices increase in Dec! Not to mention that crab has always been my absolute favourite food. Still is.

This year, I would love to continue the tradition. With the crab legs I mean, not the rocky road and cookies. No, this year for dessert I will be making my new favourite dessert, Mango & Coconut Rice Dessert, a recipe straight from Thailand. I have 10 mango's left (I bought a tray for a school fund raiser) so hopefully we won't be sick of mango by Christmas.
Photo courtesy of: John S. Boyer
Mango and  Coconut Rice Dessert

1 cup glutinous rice (seek in asian section)
2 cups water
1 can coconut cream (I use lite version of course)
1 fresh mango - can use 1 can mango
1 tsp butter (again, I use lite, margerine)
3 tbsp palm sugar (seek in asian section)

1. Cook rice as directed.
2. Cube mango.
3. Grate 2 tbsp palm sugar (reserve 1) and add to butter in a frypan. Heat until sugar dissolves and begins to brown slightly.
4. Add Mango, and stir until heated.
5. To the rice, add coconut cream and additional 1 tbsp palm sugar (grated) and stir.
6. Serve rice topped with mango while warm.

This dessert is to die for! Next time you go out to a Thai restaurant, order this dessert before you eat (so you won't change your mind when you get too full) because this dessert is a must-have.

Coming from a White Christmas region (Colorado) to a smoldering hot Aussie Christmas, and from old traditions to new, this Christmas is sure to be one to remember! Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas!



  1. LOVE it!! Sounds so delish I gotta try it! Thanks Sheila (and Annalisa)!

  2. We have crab legs for the 4th of July. Will definately try this, it looks decadent!


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