Saturday, December 12, 2009

25 days of Christmas: Day 12

25 Days of Christmas Day 12

Often enough we allow our lives to become extremely caotic this time of year, and rightly so. I mean for me, it is the one time of year I can show everyone how much I love them, and enjoy buying them gifts. As I type that out, I thrown into the thought of "Why does it only have to be this tme of year?".  ~ Something to ponder for another post I guess.

Today I am actually talk about something that has been yearning in my own spirit this week. Stillness. When we get so busy, so often we begin to lose ground. Lose that solid steady ground of contentment, peace, and the ability to hear the quiet voice of God. I mean HE IS the reason for the season! His love shines for us several times of year, with one of those being at Christmas.

With all the parties, shopping, baking, celebrating, going to and fro, it is easy to set ourselves up to go go go and yet, NOT regroup. I was so tickled when I found a few entries at one of my favorite bloggers blog this week about this very thing. It was a HUGE reminder to me to simply STOP and enjoy!  So please enjoy these lovely thoughts from Monica.

I am encouraged to make more "quiet" Time be just that. Quiet. No tv. No interuptions. The hard thing for me is, it is hard to "scrapte" it unless I stay up after everyone else. Something to definately work on. What ways to do you find "quiet" and stillness?


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  1. I think we all need to remeber to do this, especially this time of year


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