Sunday, December 13, 2009

25 Days of Christmas: Day 13

Embracing the Season of Sharing

Yes. I am. Are you? I am not talking about sharing money, sharing gifts, but simply sharing of yourself! I have found that often times, this time of year I am more willing to be sharing more of "me" and to be there to help others more then I would any other time of year. I often share my love for the Lord throughout the year, but I can't help but share more and more of Him  this time of year.


I love the story of Mary, Joseph and Jesus. It stats out so tender, so innoscent, and so many unanswered questions.I want to know what Mary was thinking, how she told her parents, all those little details! I cant' wait for the chance in Heaven to ask those very things. How did Joseph explain to his parents what was happening, and did he feel "Trapped" or was he honored to be the chosen man to be the earthly father to our Lord? Did he pace the floor? IF you have never spent time in the Word, to read the story, please take time today! You can find it here. And, for those of you with children, here is a children's version. Whether you have "Santa" at your home or not, the one thing you can do is make sure your children know the true meaning of Christmas. I am blessed to know in my heart that our children know the reason we celebrate the giving of gifts, and so many times we talk about what it must have been like to be Jesus knowing his entire life that he was on this earth, and yet still God. :) Amazing!


I love giving gifts! Every year I enjoy it more and more. And I have to be honest. I don't like to know what is someone's list. Sure, if I don't know them very well it helps, but I often do not purchase gifts for just everyone. I would love to do that, but it just doesn't happen. For those people (like neighbors, coworkers, etc...) I will share homemade yummy goodness from my kitchen. But for those that I am close to, that we exchange gifts, I do NOT like running their errands. In other words, I don't really want a long list of what they want. Sure, a few ideas are nice, but I thoroughly enjoy shopping and searching for that perfect gift that speaks to me as soon as I see it. I like to give from my heart, with thought. Not just sonething to wrap up and give for the sake of giving. It means something to me to find that perfect gift (often in off the wall places). It thrills me to know that when (insert  name here) opens the gift I chose, they will be floored like I was when I found it. I think that is what I have enjoyed most so far. Is knowing that there are going to be a few "WOW" moments, and not because someone got what they asked for. Instead, because they got something that MEANT more then just running an errand picking stuff up off a list. I am now challenged, to continue this scouring to and fro, not to get as many packages under the tree, but to continue to add things that are little "wow" "ooh" and of course "Ahhhh"!

As this season continues, and as you begin to finish (or in some cases, start) your shopping try to embrace the gift of giving for what it is. It isn't mean to be a way for others to begin running errands for one another, to buy something they could very well easily go do on the their own. Instead, seek out that gift that says you were worth the effort of looking for this perfect gift!


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