Friday, December 18, 2009

25 Days of Christmas : Day 16, 17 & 18

Yep! Three days smacked into one. You can forgive me right? As I posted last night there was one of me and I was doing two jobs this week, along with trying to man down my own home, head up my own children, and everyone's Christmas goodies! So.. yeah. :) All is well!

Today has been spent with 100+ fifth graders serving them sundaes for their Christmas party. It was NICE to be able to be there for my girl, as I haven't been able to be much through the last couple of years. We are developing a very close bond as of late ~ not that we weren't already close. I surely am enjoying it. Being how this season always seems so crazy, it has felt good to make "little" things BIG Things for them!

Less then a week to finish all the prepping, and I have to admit I do have quite a bit to do. BUT.. I am planning on staying in at least two of the three days before Christmas Eve tackling those things, as well as just enjoying being home. "Home for the HOlidays" means more to me every year. And the funny thing is, I don't get that nostolgic about being home ( as in the home I grew up in) as I do my OWN! LOL I realize how much I must truly love my home, it's surroundings, and simply it just being the 5 of us.

I know this post isnt much, but you have to forgive me. My mind is still so  ~ trying to recover from this previous week. I challenge you all ~ to make you a productive plan of action ( Including visiting to see neighborhood christmas lights, drinking hot cocoa, watching your families favorite movie) and tackle it with a smile, and allowing yourself time to enjoy each moment for what it is!

Be blessed!


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