Saturday, December 19, 2009

25 Days of Christmas : Day 19

25 Days of Christmas: Day 19
Christmas Ornaments & A new tradition

I know by now, most everyone has decorated their tree, but I wanted to take some time today to talk about ornaments. I think every family has traditions when it comes to this, but I am sad to say, I had to really start our own. And honestly before kids I had a themed tree, or two. But since I have had kids I love having a hodge podge of different things. Mainly because of all the fun things they have made and added to the tree. I have gotten lots of cute ornaments from my students, and I can remember every one who has given me what. I love taking the chance to think about them and remember all the funny quirks that made the child so unique. At three, there is always something!

This year I was given a new ornament with a NEW tradition! I have never heard of this tradtion, and I even have German in my bloodline! So, I was blessed on Thursday with a Pickle from Pier 1.

I love this idea, and the simplicity of it. I also loved reading the story of HOW it began. So touching!

Of course I also love my Willow Tree Angels, Hallmark, and various things, but the things the kids make are so special. Do you have special ornaments that have been given to you? What's your favorite?

Edible Ornaments

I don't know how many of you are really like me, but I LOVE to sit in the dark, with the tree all lit up and a cup of flavored tea or coffee in my hand (in silence of course). It is just something that I do to ground me back to what REALLY matters this time of year. I have some thoughts, that I will be sharing in the next few days on how I want to do things differently next year. I am always observing and watching  how things can be improved upon. I love that about my personality. I am accepting of change, and realize that there are TIMES when we need to change, and it is so much easier to do it with a willing heart.

May you be blessed immensely this weekend with Spirit of Christmas.


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  1. I am continually surprised at how alike we are Sheila. I just sat in the dark with the lit xmas tree with hot cocoa in my hand last night. And a candy cane too. Crazy!

    And thanks for sharing the ornament story =)


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