Thursday, December 3, 2009

25 Days of Christmas : Day 3

A Road Less Traveled
I used to get out of town to visit one of my favorite relatives. My cousin Barbie. She is so much like a sister to me, and we love even as adults to have a GREAT time together. Maybe even moreso then when we were kids. We each have three children, and our kids all get along so well together, that it is a pleasureable trip. The problem is, lately life is so busy that when I do have time off, I sometimes don't WANT to spend that time traveling. And, she moved a bit further away. Last year, we went right after Christmas, and it was such an enjoyable trip. We are making plans to go again this year, even if just for a two day visit. I love taking road trips, so this is always a good time to do enjoy it. While most are making there way back into the big city, to rekindle life like it was before "the Big Day", I get to get away, and enjoy it just a bit longer. Most of our family is local, so we don't have to travel nore accomodate weary travelers. This makes it so easier on everyone, and we don't have to worry about any of the extras that come with Holiday traveling.

Goodies for the Road

White Texas Trash (Hee hee!I love the name of this stuff!)
(Sorry I don't have a picture to display, but I will add one when I make a batch of this! You can bet you bottom dollar this city girl will be indulging on something as yummy as this. I tell ya it is so good, it will knock the socks off your GRANNY!)


2 - 11ounce bags of white chocolate chips
3.5 Cups Cheerios (or Wheat chex)
3 cups Rice Chex (small box)
3 cups Corn Chex (small box)
1 Pound Plain M&Ms
2.5 Cups mixed nuts (salted, no peanuts)
2 cups of small pretzels

Get a really big metal bowl and place it over a large sauce pan containing about an inch of water. Put this over medium heat.

Dump in the chips in the bowl and stir with a rubber spatula (every now and then) until they have melted smooth. You can walk away from time to time but, be careful not to let the water get to hot or the cocoa butter will get lumpy.

Dump everything else in the bowl, and fold over and over until all the hunks and chunks are well coated.

Spread the mess out on parchment or wax paper, set in a cool place until it sets solid, then break it into pieces. It will keep very well in gift tins.

Dole this stuff out carefully. It is highly habit forming!

Chex Mix is another snack mix we like to take on the road, as well as munch on while watching one of our favorite Holiday movies. And there are so many fantastic ways to fix that up! Easy, delicious, and pretty inexpensive. You can't beat that. (These make GREAT gifts too!)
Ritz Cracker Treats are a great thing to pass to the kids while on the road. They hold up pretty well, and do not need to be kept cool.

Spiced/candied nuts are also a healthier treat. Sure, they have some sugar on them, and you can always substitute Splenda for the sugar. But nuts are a great source of a healthy fat and amazing fiber.
I sure hope you are enjoying these installments of the "25 Days of Christmas" as much as I am! I love sharing yummy recipes, family fun, and all that Christmas jazz! I sure hope you will begin to share with your readers the things you enjoy about this season. If you would like to be a guest blogger here on One Pretty Little Box, during the 25 days of Christmas, I would LOVE to have you!


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