Tuesday, December 8, 2009

25 Days of Christmas: Day 8

Today's 25 days of Christmas post is presented by Ms. Karla!  I love reading all of Karla's anticts as she is spreading her wings, and learning to fly (or in Karla's case, dance)!

Every year on Thanksgiving, ever since I could remember.. my Mom has given my brother and I Advent Calendars. You know... the chocolate ones that you open everyday until Christmas?

I just opened number 1 right now and ate the piece of chocolate. Yes, even though it is 8:30am. At first I thought the piece of chocolate was in the shape of a toilet seat. I was so confused... but then I figured out (at least I think) it is supposed to be a horseshoe. Haha. Good times.

I love the tradition of the Advent Calendars. I always used to think my Mom was so "cool" for letting us eat the candy after we had breakfast in the morning. My brother and I both couldn't wait very long to open up each day's candy. It was always exciting to see more and more of the slots opened when Christmas came nearer and nearer. I used to love the chocolate that was inside of it but I have to admit... it is the most horrible chocolate I have ever tasted now that I am older. Yuckkk..

Now that I am older.. I still keep the tradition alive with the help from my Mom. My Mom even buys Advent Calendars for all my roommates to have as well. So, now that I am 21 and am in college... I am still able to have that special Christmas tradition to remind me of home. AND... I get to share that tradition with my roommates. It is a special tradition that I will most definitely share with my own children someday.

Thank you Karla, for sharing this part of your favorite Christmas traditions!


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