Tuesday, December 1, 2009

25 Days of Christmas : Day one

25 Days of Christmas: Day One
Christmas Countdown Calendars
Do you have one? Do you make one? We have a very precious snowman, that has these blocks with numbers in his belly that you pull out to change the # of days left until Christmas. I had originally planned on making a new one that I had seen last year made by tinygoals on youtube. I wanted to link to it but I can't find her videos anymore. She basically cut out a Christmas tree from Posterboard. Had 25 circles with numbers on one side, and a "treat" or something to do on the other, and then velcro'd it together. So when the kids pulled that day off~ they looked on the back and if it said "decorate tree" or "dinner at mcdonald's" that is what they did. BUT... I didn't get it done. UGH! So, I think I am going to make one for next year ~ THIS year, while on Christmas break. Then it will be ready, and packed away with all the Christmas things. I guess I could do something like that though, for the last week or two this year, to "spice" things up while we wait for the big day. I'll keep ya posted on that one.

Our family has many many tradtions for this time of year. One of those is the kids spending Thanksgiving and the following weekend with Mimi while I hit the Black Friday sales. We followed along with that tradition this year, and I am so glad! I am basically done Christmas shopping for the kids. I may still pick up one or two little things, but they will have to be little enough to go into the stockings. I am not adding anymore under the tree to be unwrapped. I love Black Friday. One of my besties and I head out way in the early hours, and usually don't return until Dusk, though we had an hour earlier start then last year, and was basically done with the bullk of our shopping by 8am. :) LOVE that! And now, I can focus on the adults, my husband, and the three names that the kids drew of their cousins.No big deal! Easy breezy! LOVE IT! My goal is to be 100% done by December 15th. THAT would be the best!

Stay tuned for 24 more days of this Christmas feature, including guest posts from a few of my FAVORITE bloggers!

WishingYou and Yours a Merry Christmas,

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  1. Loved hearing about your Thanksgiving tradition and shopping on Black Friday! You're brave!

    And love the new blog look!!!


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