Saturday, December 26, 2009

A bit of privacy

I know that you see the links on the right hand side to my other blogs. The SkinnyMinnyMommy blog however is currently a private, and by invitaiton only blog. The only thing is, I do not know who to invite. It is more of a therapeautic kind of blog for me, in my current place of my weightloss journey. It is a private look into where I am mentally, emotionally, and all other aspects of who I am. So, for now I sent out a few invites but then immdiately deleted them because well... to be honest I am scared to share right now. IF you are intrested, just shoot me an email. I can't promise I grant permission to be read immediately, and it make take a few weeks of courage before I do, but if in any way you are intrested in keeping up with me that way, then let me know. I will eventually approve them. One day I hope to be past where I am right now, to make it all public, but for now i just can't do it. Once you have the ability to read it, all I ask is that you keep it privately between the two of us. I am risking alot as it is.

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