Tuesday, December 1, 2009

C~E~L~E~B~R~A~T~E! 500th post!

Just last week I thought I would have hit this sooner, but this very post marks the 500th post! I had to celebrate by doing a drawing with those who entered, and I have to say I couldn't be more excited about sharing this celebration with Nancy, a soon to be momma again!! Congrats by the way ~ not on winning this prize, but on your prize yet to come.

So, dear Nancy I have something special to be sent to you! Please email me your address and I will get that shippped to you very soon! Once I get it on the way, I will send you a confirmation # and a little hint of what you can expect! I have to give you a hint... it's one of my favorite things! (Not that I am trying to pull an Oprah or anything)!


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