Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Delayed start on 25 Days of Christmas

Please forgive me. I did not do my first post of 25 days of Christmas yesterday. I had good reason. I promise! First and foremost, my coffee pot was broke when I awoke yesterday morning. Simply... just stopped working. Any writer, who is also a coffee drinker, knows this was just NOT going to happen! Then I get to school, and try to get things flowing the right way. Just when it gets going good... we had a distraction. A BIG ONE. We went on lockdown, as an escaped convict was in the area. That excitement contnued for the rest of the day. Once I picked the kids up from school, and I saw their beautiful faces, we headed out to Walmart to pick up a cheap pot! I was NOT going to go another morning without it! LOL Then, of course it was rounds of homework, cooking dinner, starting laundry, cleaning up from the Sunday messes in the livingroom. There just wasn't enough time, nor energy to post anything! So.. there you have it! I will be making up for the missed day over the weekend.


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