Friday, December 4, 2009

God's little Miracles

They say miracles of "Biblical times' are long gone, but are they? I dare to say NO WAY! They do still happen today! I think alot of times it is the simple fact of embracing those such miracles, is a simple way of embracing that child like faith that we are ALL called to have. I shared last weekend about a situation that had me torn between serving in my church, or serving at home. Both of which needed me, but in different ways. What do you do in a situation like that? I pulled and knelt before my Father, and saught his will for me. I knew in my heart, when I truly layed this down before Him, what I should do. Serve my family first. In a matter of fact, serving my husband.

The Christmas special with the Houston symphony was schedule for tonight. Joel needed my Explorer to go on a hunting trip that he left for this morning. His truck is really not equipped to handle three kids, nor to make a long trip. So what is a wife to do? Pout? Cry? Say no? Absolutely NOT!! I am Joel's helpmeet, not the head of my home. My needs do not come before his. It was heartbreaking to so no to singing with my fellow choirmates with the symphony, but it would truly have been even more heartbreaking and even sinful for me to say NO to my husband. I even went to him and offered the Explorer. I would rather be at home, and know that he was safe on the road. It just make perfect sense, and when that decision was made, I was at total peace.

Imagine my surprise when I get an email saying that the Christmas special with the symphony tonight was postponed?!! My heart truly was and still is doing cartwheels!! Yes it was cancelled due to the weather (snow and wintery  mix). but I feel it is God's way of rewarding me for being faithful to His will for my life. Miracles still do exist! And I have learned to look for them everyday.

Snowing two years in a row in this part of Texas, is not a normal thing! The last time it has happened was in the 1920's. A true miracle!j

My dad being diagnosed with Bladder cancer in August, and then being diagnosed as cancer free in September (after surgery) is a true miracle.

We have got to get back to the basics, treating our own famlies as a ministry and serving one another as well as we can, in any way that we can. Perhaps if we do that, there will be more of us available to serve in the church, and in our very own communities. Serving will become a natural part of our lives, and something that we strive for. We also should begin to LOOK for those miracles. I have a feeling that more and more of us are surrounded by them, if would only just embrace them!


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    I'm speechless...

    Praise be to God.


    YAY! I'm so happy for you Sheila!


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