Thursday, December 31, 2009

Going out with a bang!

Guess what?! The peace, the joy that I discovered yesterday afternoon/evening ~ it is still around! Praise the Lord! And even more so, some healthy realization! I am healthy!

I look back, just like many bloggers and non bloggers alike, and realize that I truly have accomplished alot in the year 2009. To the naked ordinary eye, it may not seem like a lot, but I have:

1. Kept my marriage alive! More times then not, my dh and I are crazy about one another, and truly know we are blessed to be with our "soul mates".
2. Met some really great bloggers online, never realizing how much support I truly have through my life journey (NOT just my weightloss journey).
3. Made time for real life friendships. I am closer to a few of my friends, and realize how blessed I am that they accept me for who I am, voices and all.
4. I came to the realization that God has bigger things planned for me, I just need to become ready. (THAT is what 2010 is about).

And then more! I have seen my daughter mature, my sons grow up to be a bit more independant, realized how important working out is ~ and for me it is more for the health benefits then losing weight. I actually can say I have lost 10 pounds this year, but LOTS of inches. THAT is two years in a row with weightloss! By this time next year I will not only be at goal weight, but will be confident in that weight and will be maintaining very strongly.

2009 was  wierd year, that is the only way alot of us can explain it. I can't say it was a financially hard year, nor can I say it was a boring year. It was a very emotional year for me, and I realize that it was part of the growing process of losing weight. Yeah you read that. THERE IS A GROWING process in your weightloss journey. If you haven't reached that point yet, let me tell you ~ it's coming! But, stick around. Maybe I can be of some assistance for you when you go through these things. I am not saying you are going to go through something like I have been the last two weeks. I am truly facing these demons of my own doing from when I was as young as 9 and thought I was a fat cow. NO KID at 9 should even be concerned about their weight, let alone have to deal with negative self talk. I think that is why alot of times I will purposely speak positive things over and to our children. There is NO WAY a child can hear too many times that they are loved, they are strong, they are capable and wonderful creations of Christ. I know too well, that the inner self is a reflective of what is going on around you, and vice versa. It creates a vicious cycle. A tormentuous (yeah I think I made up a new word) attitude towards one self is nothing but self destructive. And I can tell you ~ it isn't pretty. I am ready to be pretty.

So I end this blog for 2009, with well wishes for you! I know I have already put up my resolutions (look also in the side bar), but I have some other things that I want to tackle as well. So, my list will seem pretty lengthy, but yet, pretty simple. I plan on continuing my 2009 trend of "getting back to basics", even if it means it seems like I am withdrawing from some things I have entertained for ever.

Guess what!?! John Bevere is coming to Houston January 10th! This Godly man is amazing to listen to, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE how the Holy Spirit has moved in his life, and given him the things he has to share. He has a new book out, so I plan on doing two of his studies for 2010. The Extraordinary Living and Honor's Reward. I want to do these to completion. The problem I have is not finishing a study I start. 

How are you going to RECLAIM your life for 2010?


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