Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Happy List

Over @ youtube (Tbossbone's videos) he often talks about making a Happy List. A Happy List is a list of things that literally take you into your happy place. Whether it be a situation your in, something you do, whatever it takes to make you happy. (We all have down days, and need to be able to make time for ourselves, to uplift oneself back to their happy place.) Since I have been down the last few days, today is the day I sit and make my happy list.

1. Eating on plan makes me happy. Why? Because I feel safe, in control, and free.
2. Cooking for my family makes me happy. Why? Because cooking is not only necessary, but it is an easy way to show someone I love them. Yes, I am one of those. I show my love through food.
3. Reading a good book. (Not a trashy good for nothing novel either). Why? Well, first let me insert here that I read alot of Christian fiction that focus on friendships amoung women. Why? I don't have alot of those friendships in my real life, so I can escape and enjoy them through someone else.
4. Knitting. Why? It relaxes me. It frees me to just be alone, and quiet.
5. Listening to classical music. Why? I feel sofisticated, and it is peaceful.
6. Sitting in a clean house. Why? Because if the area around me is clean and organized, I feel free. I feel like the caos around me is gone.
7. Writing anything. Why? It's my form of therapy. I love blogging. I love poetry, short stories, all the above.
8. Sitting in a quiet room. Why? I seek solitiude, and I don't get it often.

There is my current happy list. These are the things that are going to return me to the place I crave. The place I NEED to be.

From my scale to yours ~ I wish you a successful day!

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