Saturday, December 12, 2009

Quick mid month update

As much as I am loving doing the 25 days of Christmas, it seems to be taking my time away from "real" blogging. I am not complaining, just sharing what I am thinkin at the moment. My blog goes from one extreme to another ~ all weightloss, no weightloss, all Christian values/thoughts/motives/ to not sharing my faith at all, etc. I am an all around kind of gal ~ and i guess right now, I miss sharing those things. But then agian, I love sharing all the wonderful things that I have been about my favorite time of year.

So, I have been working on some thoughts, and posts for after Christmas on ... can you guess? Yep! End of the year round ups, and some thoughts on the upcoming year.I realized it had been months since I had done a  "letter to me", and that is so overdo.)Six months to be exact!) I have lots to tell me.

I have new goals, and dreams that I want to persue. I have some old dreams that I want to birth into fruition. I have determination, and for once ... I truly believe in myself! Not only will I dream of becoming a writer, I WILL BE ONE!

I just pray above all ~ that this time of year YOU are finding YOU! That YOU are allowing yourself the chance to experience the wonderment of the season. That YOU are finding the drive and determination to live your dreams too.


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