Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Body Fat Update

Body fat percentage update! (Thanks Paula for reminding me to check this out. I haven't done it in a while!!)

Your Body Fat Weight is: 37.16 lbs

Your Muscle Mass is: 111.84 lbs

Your Body Fat Percentage is: 24.94%

AVERAGE for women is:  25-31%
FITNESS for women is:  21-24%
MY GOAL: Athlete for women is: 14-20%

From my scale to yours ~ I wish you a successful day!


  1. Congrats Sheila! That's amazing and can't wait till mine is as low as yours!

    Btw, so glad I found this blog of yours!

  2. @ Annie ~ Yes I was so stoked! And I am glad you found this blog too. I still have oneprettylittlebox.blogspot, but this is where I a have moved to finalize my weightloss journey!

  3. @ Paula ~ Yes, I do better with the body fat percentage chart. It is one benefit of a low carb diet. Not only do I weigh less then I did in Highschool (maybe about the same mid way through) but I am way slimmer. All throughout highschool I stayed around a size 10/12. Now, I am a happy 4, sometimes a 6.Hard to believe really since I had started this weightloss journey @ a 18/20


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