Sunday, January 3, 2010

Just a few realizations:

Some things I realized today:

1. For the month of January I am NOT going to even try to do intermittent fasting. My biggest thing is to stay on track for the entire month.

2. It is up to me to accept the freedom I have through Christ in ALL aspects of my life INCLUDING weightloss and maintenance.

3. When I am not eating enough fats my "bm's" will tell me. (I know TMI ~ but this is for me, not you!)

4. Day two of truly clean eating, and I feel so good!

5. God has a bigger purpose for me, even if it means being 100% honest with myself, and my readers. NO matter how hard it is, or how someone out there may be shaking their heads thinking I should keep things to myself.

6. Sometimes a favorite go to meal is worth every bite!

Tonight for dinner, we had grilled steak w/ sauted mushrooms and on the side I chose to have "loaded broccoli". What's that? You haven't tried that? Oh my word! Let me share the word, bird!

Loaded broccoli
Steam some broccoli, then top with your favorite baked potatoe toppings!! It is sooo good!

Joining a few of my friends in an online version of "The Biggest Loser" mainly to lend support, but to also hold myself accountable for that NO eating off plan for the entire month of January. Starts tomorrow. So, I guess in a way that is good! I have my weigh in for all my "Skinny Minny Monnmy" vids on Friday, and then a Monday weigh in for TBL! Yay! Now that I think of it, what an answer to prayer!!  Weekends are always so hard for me to stay on track, because I get weak. NOT this month baby!

From my scale to yours ~ I wish you a successful day!

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