Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year, New You! (You ARE a new creation!)

Today's verse is:
If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come! 2 Corinthians 5:17NIV

How fitting is that for today? How fitting is that for our lifesong? I am just so renewed in my faith, my relationships, my life simply thorugh this truth! I wanted to take a few minutes and share the thing that gives me hope! None other then my Lord and Savior! Seriously!

Ya'll have seen the mess I was this week. When I could have hid it over at skinnyminnymommy (which is NOW open to the public ~ since I have already shared alot of those struggles here openly) I chose to share those struggles with you. Why? Because I truly believe that not one of us go through struggles alone. Someone somehwere out there knows what it feels like. Someone somehwere out there needs to hear other's struggles as well as victories. I am not ashamed of the things that I have been going through, and I know will be a battle for a while. I am not ashamed! I am not ashamed or scared to be truthful with you ~ my friends. I am not a coward to hide. Yes I believe sometimes seclusion is the answer, and even Jesus saught out solitude. We all need that from time to time. But, I believe that we go through struggles, and sometimes it is for the benefit of others. Sometimes it is for the benefit of ourselves, and moving us to a place where God wants us to be.

I spent some time with some old friends, and new alike. We rang in the new year together once again and while I enjoyed myself, I also saw some things I wished I hadn't. I saw a hurting friend, who decided it was better to get plastered rather then deal with whatever she was hurting with. I felt for her. I want to reach out to her, and yet there is this wall. She doesn't undertand how she is not only hurting herself, but she is becoming the person she doesn't want to be. Her mother. (And NO this friend was NOT me! Please rest assured of that.) I saw her husband, hurting and lonely, and I can't help him either. It's not my place. I can pray for him, and be with him to talk to, but I dont' like doing that without my husband around and well, then this friend isn't so open, because you know MEN aren't like that! LOL I saw another friend who was frustrated, angry, and hiding. I was sad for her. But.. I did see the love of her husband in his eyes towards her and I know she will be okay. We saw friends we havent' seen in a year, and it was nice to rekindle a new friendship with someone who is alot like myself. Who doesn't like that? But do you want to know the BEST parts of my New Years Eve Celebrations?

1. The giggles I heard from all the kids!
2. The jumping on the trampoline WITH the kids!
3. The kiss at midnight from my dh! Sweet bliss!
4. Coming home and putting on some WARM pj's! (It got COLD out there!) And of course, crawling in our bed!

It all goes back to where I wanted to be this time last year! Going back to the basics! THAT is what makes me happiest. THAT is what keeps me grounded. THAT is what life is about! It's not about all the neat gadgets of life (though they are fun), going to every festival/carnival/big city event, finding the best deals, getting "ahead" at the expense of everything (including marriage and children). It is simply about looking up to my Father, loving my husband, raising God fearing children, being a servant to my friends/family/community, and living LIFE as God intended me to. THAT is what 2010 is about!

In the oven I have a ham cooking! It smells so heavenly! The black eyed peas are going in the crockpot, cabbage and yellow crook neck squash is chopped and about to simmer till done. All I have left to do is make the cornbread for the family, and then for their dessert will be blackberry cobbler and vanilla icecream. Yummy goodness!


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  1. Such a good post Sheila. I'm heading over to your skinnyminnymommy blog.


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