Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Quick Drive thru Update

Good morning! I haven't totally been avoiding you! I promise! Did you feel neglected? Oh I am so sorry. I have been living life fully and well aligned in with my home, family, and classroom. Some days it seems like it isn't much, other times it seems overwhelming.

I am falling into a new natural pattern this week, and I LOVE it! I realized no matter how early I wake up, Quiet time is hard before I start my day. Currently I am going into school earlier then usual, and I have a few moments of NO INTERRUPTIONS! That is when I get my quiet time in. I am loving that! But so far this is how my schedule is looking.
Monday ~ Thursday (Friday I do not work away from home, so my schedule isn't so crunched)
4:30 (first alarm go off)
4:45 Wakeup , Shower, Blow dry hair (of course weigh in)
5:05(ish) Cook dh breakfast and pack his lunch
5:30 Run straightener through hair, put a load of laundry on to wash, grab a cup of coffee, read blogs/watch youtube (while putting on  makeup)
6:00 kids awake Serve breakfast and encourage getting ready (They are good at this)
6:40 Put clothes in dryer, wrangle stuff together for the day, wash breakfast dishes, set out dinner to defrost (meat portion)
7:10 Out the door to school
2:30 Home from school (me), start meat portion of dinner if a slow cooking meal, fold clothes and put away, clean sweep the livingroom
3:00 Pick up twins from school, home to do homework finish rest of dinner
4:15 Pick up Daughter from school , go to gym to work out
5:30 Home to finish dinner if needed, get kids bathed, fed, and final sweep of house. Dinner dishes AFTER dinner. Prep lunches for all five of us for next day. Prep dinner if need be.
7:00 Free time! ( Cut coupons, read, watch tv ~ which I am fixing to reduce, make phone calls, write letters, etc.) Kids bedtime!
9:00 BEDTIME for me and dh if we are not already asleep! LOL

I didn't use to do laundry so early, but I am liking it. Also, I am now much more consistent with my workouts, and life just fits around it. Thursday is my husband's birthday, so I want to make things special for him including a from scratch cake (or pie ~ his choice) and the dinner of his choice. I am thinking chicken parmesean because he hasn't had that in along time, and I know he liked it. It will be raining, so I can't grill him his usual steak. And I am okay  missing a workout to ensure he doesn't feel like his "left on the back burner" as he may feel from time to time. He hasn't said as much, but sometimes during the week I go with fast quick fix meals, due to not wanting to stress about gettting it all done.

Looking forward to a long weekend as our school district is out for Martin Luther King's Birthday on Monday. :) Love that! I was considering going out of town, but yesterday realized I dont' want to unless I am invited. Yes I know it is family, but I don't want to feel like I am intruding. But I am really looking forward to spending some good quiet time at home reading, and embracing my little ones while I can! LOVE IT!

Have a blessed week my friends. I have alot more I want to share, but as you see above really am pressed for time. I don't like using all my free time on the computer. I did post a new recipe over at Skinny Minny Mommy, so you might wanna check it out! GREAT for this time of year!

Until next time ~ Be blessed!

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  1. I've just started doing laundry early in the morning also, about a month ago..Was told it also saves on electrical bills when we are not using it prime time...

    Right now I'm at a place where I'm getting a new schedule, changes are being made..and I'm still figuring it all out.

    Really seeking God in this, and NOT allowing myself to fall into the panic attack mode of 'I can't do this, there is no way I can handle all this' I keep reminding in the Lord and wait patiently for Him.

    He cares so much for us, He WILL show me how to care for my family, my business (daycare provider), and the list of Ministries I am involved in...His Word states that the good work that He starts in us, He WILL no need to panic....that is what I keep telling myself...changing thought patterns and lining them up to God's Word.. the way,,I'm an early riser also and an early to bed


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