Monday, January 4, 2010

TBL: Weigh in

Biggest Loser's Couples 2010 FIRST weigh in: (hosted over at

I weighed in officially this morning at 150.5, and considering I was 155.5 on Saturday, I will take it with a smile! I know... water weight is awful, but it does make it easier to handle mentally when the scale goes up. But now that the scale is going down, and I am back on plan ( this is officially day 3), things are looking better. I almost said "up" but that wouldn't be true, since the scale went down! Der Der Der!

This challenge is for 8 weeks. I am hoping in that eight weeks to drop 15 pounds. THAT will bring me 1/2 a pound a way from 'DREAM' goal! For the first time in a long time, it feels very doable.

From my scale to yours ~ I wish you a successful day!


  1. I am so back. I need the daily connections that I make on blogger with my friends. I'm following you again. I have an interesting story to post about my low carb experience. (((Hugs)))

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