Wednesday, February 24, 2010

5 Simple ways to change your life!

I honestly haven't had much free time in the last week. It has been a good busy, and to be honest, the next few days are going to be just as full if NOT fuller! But this morning I had the ten minutes I needed to share some of the things that I am learning.

Now, before I begin let me say this. I know these are probably NOT original thoughts but I wanted to share them for anyone who may be facing a difficult time whether it be in their weight loss journey, their spiritual life, or what have you.

1. Breaking a habit means making a new one.
You want to quit drinking sodas, start making drinking water a habit. IN other words, turn it around to be a positive thing, not focusing on what your giving up, but what your changing.

2. It's okay to want something, but it doesn't mean we have to HAVE it.
This morning of all things I woke up wanting oreos and milk.... at 4:30 in the morning! LOL Carazy talk there! I didn't give in, but instead I enjoyed the thought then realized when I looked at my changing body (yet again) that it just isn't worth it. There will be one day that I may allow myself Oreo's for breakfast, but it won't be today.

3. I am worth every effort this journey takes.
For almost two years I have been trying to get others to understand this simple valuable lesson. Not until recently did I truly begin to realize it for myself. All the hard work it takes to say no to (whatever food/drink/drug may be calling your name) is worth it, because in the end you are making a new habit, which is of course breaking a bad habit. This thing is a vicious cycle ~ but it is okay to have vicious things in your life, as long as they are going in the right direction. I am fierce... and so are you! (One way or another ~ whether it be in making good choices or bad ones.)

4. What I do, truly effects others around me. EVERY decision I make, can cause one to stumble and fall into a pit, or it can cause them to climb up out of a pit they were already in and begin turning things around for themselves.
I experienced this head on this weekend, and I will share more in another post. Until then, let me encourage you to take notice how decisions you make yourself effect others. When I actually saw this happen in front of me, I realized how many more opportunities for me to simply live by example ~ just flew right out the window. I was completely impacted to live a more positive example filled life.

As profound (or not) as those statements are, let me share one more thing:

5. Every day you must make a few moments for yourself.
If not, you will get burned out, and eventually everything you have been working for/towards is going to be washed away with a bunch of negative emotions. Even if it is just 10 minutes to journal, 10 minute hot soak in the tub, 10 minutes of laying across the bed in deep conversation with God. HOWEVER you do it, just do it! It will make all the difference. My personal "bank" was depleted and I desperately just needed 10 minutes yesterday. When I thought I would get it, the phone would ring, my cell phone would go off, or a child needed my attention. :) It was one of those comical moments, where you just had to laugh, give up trying and move forward. A little while later, while the kids were reading before bed, I found time to sit and create a new little handy journal to keep track of my final weigh ins. (Yes.. you heard me right. FINAL! ~  more on that as well later.) My bank is still LOW.. but I feel much better, much more focused since I took the time to do that little something for myself. Anyone who says taking time for yourself is selfish, is simply just foolish or a liar.

Have a blessed end to your work week, and enjoy every bit of it! Even the hard parts, because that is simply just some character building going on.



  1. Those are 5 great ways!! Ya know what's funny? I posted last night about 5 reasons to try fasting. What is it about the number 5?? ((hugs))

  2. Thinking of you today sweet friend.

  3. Thanks Beth!

    Paula ~ if you only knew how much that meant to me to come home and read that!! Thanks for thinking of me!


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