Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Best Valentine Ever!

Have mercy on me, O God, according to your unfailing love; according to your great compassion blot out my transgressions. Wash away all my iniquity and cleanse me from my sin. For I know my transgressions, and my sin is always before me. Psalm 51:1~3

Happy Valentines Day! I wish that each of you precious ones, have had a very blessed day today. I love that Valentines was on a Sunday this year. When I got up this morning, I was so excited to share with the ones I love how much I love them, with just a small token of tangible love. Something they can hold, use, enjoy. I went to church, and spent some personal time with my first Valentine ~ Jesus. My love, however forgot that it was Valentines day, and you know what. At first I was angry, and a bit sad. But right this minute, it doesn't matter. I know he loves me, and I don't need material things from him to know that.

Right now, my focus isn't on petty things. It is on BIG things. REALLY BIG things. Personal spiritual things. Things within me that I want to see change in me. Things beyond my ability. I am excited about moving forward. So many times, I have gone to be in the Lord's presence not just for who HE is, but for what HE can do. (And don't you shake your head at me, and act like you haven't done that yourself) I believe we serve an all powerful God who is capable of anything and everything. But lately, I just want to be in his presence JUST TO BE IN HIS PRESENCE. Period. Simple.
God is definately calling me to a higher level in our relationship with Him, and for once in my life ~ I can hear Him calling me to stand up, to look up, to truly seek HIS kingdom first ~ not Sheila's Kingdom. These next 21 days are going to be lifechanging. Will I let go of some things that I want to hold on to? Probably. I can honestly say YES! There are plenty of things that I give more attention to that I need to let go of. It's NOT okay to just "have church" on Sundays. NO way! We as Christians, are called to have church every day ~ all day! In private, in public, everywhere.

I am so thankful that Jesus is my Valentine! I am blessed by our children, my husband, and parents who are still alive today. May God fill your heart this week, to see Him first, and to bring His presence all throughout your week.

Have a blesssed Sunday,


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  1. I am so blessed that He is mine too! I am so excited to see God move in your throughout your Daniel fast. (((hugs)))


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