Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I am starting on my dream list for the year. At first I called them my committment list, but really they are dreams of mine, and deserve to remain something of beauty then of "work". See committments are work, and I don't want to taint anything I am doing right now as such. What I am doing it for ultimately is for the Lord. To share his loveliness, his beauty, his kindness, his mercy, and the grace (power) that he gives us all through Him!

As blessed as I already am, I am overwhelmed at how God speaks to me. He hasn't given up on me and I am totally in awe.See, I have felt the dream birth in me years ago to write, and only now do I feel my life has settled enough to allow the necessary time without TAKING AWAY time from my children. At 10, and 7 they still need me a lot, but are growing ever more independant everyday. And for that reason, I completely feel the time is now! I have many different venues I want to write in, and will push through those. But for now, it is very clear where God is leading me.

In fact, I am takign the plunge this weekend and either purchasing a netbook or a laptop. I hven't decided which one I will select, but one will come this weekend. Yes. I know. Many writers started on pen and paper, but I want to be able to send it to an editor, and have it be edited as I go.

I have yet to mention ~ The person designing the cover for me will be my mom. My editor is my cousin. :) I want to keep this as much in my own family who know me, and know the desires of my heart. I may make it availabe by Ebook, but want to hit up a few publishers first because it is more of a gift type item. (Ps. it will make a GREAT teachers gift!)

Okay. I am off to start my day, and then back home to organize thoughts and perhaps call and discuss with mom the cover ideas. Maybe this will give her some creative outlet as well.

Also in the works: A children's series on a favorite old time children's song we all sang at church.


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