Saturday, February 27, 2010

I can officially say I am back in the zone!

This morning I woke up, back into the 140's for the millionth time it seems. I felt lighter then I have in a long time, and even though I have been this weight before I am leaner then ever. No, I am not bragging my friends I want to share something very personal with you.

Now, make sure your sitting down. I will wait. Ya sitting? Okay. Here in town we just got a "5 Guys Burgers" and I have heard nothing but good things around blog land. This morning I had to go into Conn's and purchase a new appliance. When I was leaving, I saw exactly where it was located. When I got home from my errands I explained to dear honey where it was, because we were both very curious. He has since decided that will be dinner ~ though we were going to eat leftovers per his request.

Immediately in my mind I began bargaining with myself, with my values that I have building up lately.I have a new resolve about this weight loss journey of mine. While through winter I have been mainly just practicing maintenance, and I know I can maintain the way I have been for lifetime with no problems. BUT.... I am not really ready for that. I am not exactly 100% comfortable where I am. Sure, I am happy I came this far, and I give all the credit to God, but I still have a dream goal that is now officially 13 pounds away.Well 13.5!

So, I began thinking oh maybe I could eat a few oreos then since we are going to eat out there. Or maybe I can have some chocolate pudding that is in the fridge, or that cherry pie that I bought dh for a treat. UHM... seriously? I couldnt' believe I was thinking those things! The great thing is, I noticed it and did not act on it! I can still order a nice Bacon Cheeseburger with jalapenos for dinner and enjoy every bite because I will simply ask for NO BUN! I began thinking of other toppings I can layer on top and enjoy! OH MY! I am now excited not only about dinner, but that I can officially say I am back in the zone! I am on my way to that dream goal, and  not feeling bad about taking control one bit! NOR one bite!

PS. I am getting a new washing machine delivered tomorrow. My agitator in the old one is broke, and it was just time to replace it. Being how I do laundry daily, for me, this is a necessity not a leisure item. I may purchase a leisure item this next week ~ the laptop I wanted. Or... it may wait until the summer. THAT hasn't been decided on.  I also got rid of my HTC Touch phone this weekend, and got a new blackberry curve. LOVE that phone. I will NEVER get another touch screen again. It was cool, but very difficult and time consuming to text, and we text alot. Plus I LOVE the apps I can get!

Have a lovely Saturday! I am off to plan a yummy week, an education month (lesson plans) and finish making every one's bed with clean sheets! YUMM! I love to climb into clean sheets at night.


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  1. Yay, congrats!! I love 5 Guys!! I hope you go for the new's so fun. The domain name if it's available can be purchased directly through blogger for $10. I'm with you on touch screens...don't like them. (((hugs)))


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