Friday, February 12, 2010

The Quiet Spot

Every one needs their own special "Quiet Spot". Scripture calls us to dwell in the quiet spot and seek out our Father. Now, I will be the first to admit that I like to control things, and often I am too much of a control freak to allow someone in my home to do something like this. I mean , what would the neighbors say? LOL

It was a rainy afternoon (when is it not lately?), and this is what I seen! One of the twins reading on his own. Should make a momma proud right? It does, but what makes me the most proud, is this little guy found his very own "quiet spot" that was as comfy as any cloud could possibly be.

Charles is enjoying the every funny antics of "Captain Underpants", resting on his pillow UNDER the coffee table! The twins have gone through so many of these books this year, and I am ever thankful they have found something to read that they like already. Sure, the name sounds tacky from this southernbelle's viewpoint, but knowing I am not going to struggle with them enjoying reading later is nice! Holton is really enjoying the series, but what impresses me most is his love for reading their children's bible. Now that makes this momma's heart pitter patter!

Sharing these pictures with you, makes me realize that we all need our own "Quiet spot" to retreat to every single day. We live in a hard cruel world, and there is so much out there that can tear us down, that we need to do what we can, when we can to build ourselves up so we can not only face the day, but to help build our families and friends back up as well. I at one point had a quiet spot, but I never utilized it. Now? My quiet spot is on my bed. I also have a quiet spot in the livingroom. One spot on the love seat to sit and stretch out and just enjoy reading scriptures, novels, or embrace what is happening around me with my husband and the littles.

After he (Jesus) had dismissed them, he went up on a mountainside by himself to pray. When evening came, he was there alone, Matthew 14:23
So, I challenge you this weekend while most of us have an extended time away from work and school to find your Quiet place and begin utilizing it to embrace scripture, prayer in a way that you have yet to be able to!

Be blessed, and be a blessing!


  1. I'm following you here now. Precious pictures of your little one. I agree we all need a quiet space. I'm heading to one garden tub. ((hugs))

  2. I know, an old one. But one that touched me tonight. I need a book. Or 10. I finished my last one a month ago, and I can tell my emotional health is suffering. Thanks for the advice.


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