Saturday, February 6, 2010


Yep! The Superbowl is tomorrow. Many homes will be filled with aromas of pizza, wings, and the salty yummyness of chips and dip!

I have a fun menu plan for tomorrow evening, even if we aren't watching the game. My husband has to work nights, so at most we wll see kickoff, and that is it. I am honestly NOT into allowing beer commercials, 1/2 dressed women, and who knows what else to brace the eyes of my children. Dont' get me wrong, I LOVE FOOTBALL, but I am truly being convicted about what we are allowing our children to watch on tv, and listen to on the radio/mp3 players.

Back to the menu!
Hot wings (and a few with just BBQ sauce for the kids), homemade pizza pockets, a sausage and cheese stromboli, jalapano poppers, veggies and dip, and brownie alamodes for the kids. ( I will have sf jello w/ whipped cream for my dessert)

Today we are having a very slow moving day, and I am thankful. Not feeling 100% well, but the day must go on. I was blessed this morning to realize that I didn't have a whole lot to do today. Most of it was done yesterday! THAT was a nice treat.


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