Saturday, March 27, 2010

Active one way or another!

As I am finding my way in this new once again to me fitness journey, I hooked up our Wii Fit  once again. I forgot how much fun it was! Sometime this week, I plan on getting the Wii Fit Plus to add to our collection. I have just about unlocked all there is to. Do you know why I have come to this as my newest passion?


Last week, when I had Family Fun Day in Pe with the kids, I was the most sore I had been in so long. Even hours and hours of working out at the gym. I am sold that you can get a good workout without having a gym membership. I am ready to forgo mine for good. The very first thing on my agenda this upcoming week is to call and cancel my membership for good. Why? Because God gave us so many things that we an use and do to get a good "workout" that I do not need to be a poor steward with the money God has provided. Not only can I benefit from less time traveling and spending somewhere else outside my home, but my children can join me. I forsee LOTS of games of tag, and many afternoons coming up at the park. Now that the weather is looking better and better, I see us walking to school more often, and we will soon be biking.


Today I was able to purchase the kids Easter outfits. Yay! I was unsure of the correct color for my choir requirement, so I didn't pick anything up for me, but I will. I have a week! LOL Today was a busy but good day. I have driven and ridden alot in the last two days, and one more day to go. I will be glad to enjoy some quiet time the Monday after Easter! Thankfully our school is out that day.
Sunday through Saturday, I am going to go through a different kind of Fast. An egg fast. Why? To get my focus off of me this week, and onto the journey that Christ took his last week and off of food, weightloss, and ME. It is time for reflection my friends. I encourage you to seek out time for reflection as well. Reflection on the Last supper, the time of Betrayal, and the walking of pain and carrying the cross. It is NOT a time of condemnation, but of joy. Joy because as Christians we are FREE... and this is the perfect time to lay down our cross, and allow Jesus himself to carry it. Whatever worries you have, burdens you have, whatever seems to be bothering you, lay it down! Today. AND dont' pick it back up!

I have talked many times about a burden box with a small intimate group of women I know. But it is time to not only share that, but to actually implement it into my life. I will be working on that during the week, and sharing here when it is ready to be used.

Have a blessed Sunday in the Lord!

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  1. Wii Fit sounds like fun! WTG girl!

    Happy Palm Sunday. I pray you have a wonderful week!



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