Friday, March 19, 2010

Being a mom is tough

Holding the reigns pretty tight!

Yes Iam. As a momma, I am holding the reigns to my children and their behavior pretty tightly. I let go a tiny bit at a time, but let me tell you ~ if they begin to step out of line, those reigns are pulled in tighter then then they were beforehand. Why? Because I KNOW that it is my responsibility to teach our children boundaires, yet an unconditional love. I love our children, more then words could ever express. But let me say something, my love is sometimes shown in a tough love kind of manner.

As a teacher I see many many parents who do not hold the reigns at all ~ and that is with 4 year olds! Yes 4! You cannot allow your children to rule your home at 4. Not even at 10. Not at 16. God did NOT make your children the ruler of your home, but the parents should be setting the tone.

When we visit out of town, there are times that our children pick up habits from other children. Do your kids do this? It seems like they see what other kids get away with at their home, and then think that it is okay to try it in ours. UGH! We have had alot of retraining going on lately. I don't really mind though because it keeps me on top of my "game". But man is it hard! I mean, I don't want to spend time we could be doing other things having to always redo something else. I dont' know... this is just a rambling post I guess.

Thank you Lord, for giving me a spirit of being a mom who is not afraid to discipline, and yet still shower my kids with love and understanding. Thank you for teaching me to hold my tongue and to be able to keep my voice level in control. Thank you Father for giving our home the spirit of calmness, and not a harshness that I have witnessed not only in my childhood, but in the homes of those I love. Continue Father, to work on my heart and giving me the quite and gentle spirit that my husband and children need. Help me to see times when I can be a mediator and not the one stirring the pot of discontentment.Above all, give me the strength and power today through YOU to make a difference in the little lives (and the big ones) that you have personally placed me in. In your service, AMEN!


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