Thursday, March 18, 2010

Below or above average?

It all started with a silly video. Then I was very curious to see truly what was curently viewed as average or "normal" for women in America. If I remember my stats correctly, the average American woman wears a size 14 and weighs 163.

Well I weigh 147.5 and wear a size 4. So ... do I consider myself to be "above" average or "below" average? I consider myself to be excited! And being the positive thinker that I am, I consider myself to be above average  in the health department!

Motivation is the key, and determination is the vehicle. I have both! Whose gonna join me for this ride?



  1. I'm with ya sister...even to the point of combining my blogs again, LOL!! I realize that since intermittent fasting is not a diet, but rather a lifestyle, then it belongs at Loving Life A Latte. I'm relaxing and enjoying the ride.

  2. Skinny Mini! Size 4!?! REALLY! Woah. Can't believe how far you've come and that you've stuck with it, twins and teaching and all - you really are Wonder Woman! Thanks for the lovely comment, I missed you too :)

    Hey, you go to the gym right? Some advice for a new gym member would be great :) You're right about the motivation and determination!

  3. I'm with you! Just got the wheels fixed on my determination car so I'm ready to hit the road hard!


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