Monday, March 8, 2010

A Blessing to this Momma's Heart

On Friday, I am proud to announce that we replaced our children's bibles. Our Daughter, was ready for the "next step" and I really wanted to get her a girly one. In fact, I need to order a few more items which I will share when I get them in. They are going to be for her birthday this year. Kris is 10, and will be eleven in August, and starting Jr. High. We are entering a pretty scary time for her, as well as me. I remember Jr. High, and it still brings back lots of ill feelings. Sure, I had alot of good times, but the bad ones just took over in my mind and memory.

For Kristen I got her the Faithgirlz Backpack Bible. The twins had story bibles that they had gotten for preschool graduation. Well, they will soon be eight and it was time to move it on up a bit. So for them, I picked up the NIV Adventure Bible. Now I know kids get excited when they get new things. BUT.... the overwhelming joy that was on their face when they knew they were getting new bibles was just something every momma should experience. It wasn't a video game, a new CD, the hottest sneakers. No. It was God's word! AND .... I can say they have begun digging in it to find scriptures already!

I want my children to be so involved in God's word that it is a daily need of theirs. I still struggle getting into the word everyday. I buy all these study materials and well, I allow other things to take priority. The love of learning that my children have has put a spark in my own heart to get excited about God's word, His truth. I want to dig in. In fact on Friday I found an amazing study material that I felt was needed for my own life. And if you read yesterday's post, then the title of the study is so fitting for what season in my life I am headed toward.

Being Yourself: How do I take off this mask? by Women of Faith Studyguide series. I actually got mine at Sam's, and they have several in the series. I am starting this one this evening, after all settles down. If I like it, and feel like I get anything from it, I will go back and choose a few more. This one was just so fitting for me because I am always trying to please everyone.

As this new season in my life begins, as well as the new season on Earth, I am finding myself longing for quiet times. I LOVE spring! And our mild temperatures, budding trees, and singing birds are telling me that it is coming soon! Spring break for us is next week. I am so ready. Ready to just be a wife an a mother for a week. NO other responsibilities. LOVE IT!

Have a blessed  Monday my dear friends.


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  1. I am a self-professed Bible addict, lol. I think it's great you're getting your children new Bibles. Awesome!!! Hope you have a terrific Spring Break...ours isn't until the second week of April.


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