Saturday, March 20, 2010

Discover your Inner Beauty Series

Discover Your Inner Beauty This Spring With Mrs. Sheila

Yes!  A new series. But first, before I give you the lowdown on this hodown (as my 10 year old would say), I must first require that you read these two posts:

Post 1
Post 2

Now, you know where my heart is right now! And instead of making this a writing project that I will never get to, in a time when I need it the most, I am making this a blogging project that I am committing to. So, for the entire Spring Season, we will discover what our true inner beauty is, how to tap into it, and above all, how to use it as we change our outward beauty. Many of you who read my blog here, are here because of the things I share in my personal weightloss journey. Some of you follow the blog because you enjoy the Christian perspective that I share on many other aspects in my life along with family events, recipes, etc.. And there are a few of you who like to stop by, because you can't help yourself! It's like going by a train wreck and though you cover your eyes, you are still peeking through the tiny spaces between your fingers! It's okay! No matter why your here, I believe that you are here for a purpose.

This series is NOT going to consume my entire blog. I couldn't do that because honestly it is a lot to deal with. Emotionally, physically, and as we uncover some things, we all need time to process it. Also, this blog is my entire life all wrapped up in one pretty little box. (Incase you never knew the reason behind my blog name) So, I committ to sharing a special blog post on Fridays devoted to just this.  As I go along, I will convert all the links that go with the series together so that if someone needs to catch up, or finds it after this project is compeleted they can find it all together.

So starting THIS UPCOMING Friday (March 26, 2010) we will uncover many aspects in our life that will help us discover our true inner beauty. Won't you join me?

If you would like to share this journey on your blog, feel free to snag this button for your blog:


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