Friday, March 26, 2010

Discovering your inner beauty Part 1

Before I realized that I lacked understanding and knowing my inner beauty, this is how I saw things.
I am a wife.. often I still feel ugly and unworthy of such a privelage.

I am a mother, and feel so inadequate at this job.

I am a teacher, and think wow, how did that happen.

I have lost 80 pounds, but too often still see a creature staring back at me.

These are the things that are changing:
I am a wife, and as I learn to embrace myself again not only am I discovering new things about me, but I am a better wife. I am learning to look into a situation before reacting and realize not everything is about me ~ when it comes to comments and thoughts spoken out loud.

I am a mother, and because of things that effected me from my childhood, I can break these generational curses. I am making a difference.

I am a teacher, and these little lives look up to me to show them the way to being comfortable and happy within. I love them because they bring life into my daily life.

I have lost 80 pounds, and I couldnt be more proud of myself! I now OWN that success, and give God all the glory for building it within me to do. I had tried for many years to tackle that big job.

When we begin to understand who we are on the inside, THAT is how we begin to allow our own true inner beauty be released. Unfortunately we are taught at such a young age to find fault with others and with ourselves. We weren't taught to find the good in things. I am really good at finding fault with myself, but yet looking for good in everything else. THIS STOPS NOW! It's time to begin digging out and looking at all the good within me. My struggles are my struggles.. simply meaning whatever I am struggling with will be there. They will not go unnoticed to me, because I am a perfectionist. It's kinda like when a housewife says "The laundry will be there when I wake up ~ who else is going to do it?". Well my struggles will be there until I deal with them. And I deal with them usually as they arise, so I need to stop looking for them. No wonder I am so mentally exhausted all the time. I tend to go from one issue to another, taking no time to recover in between.

So, your homework for this week girls and boys, is to take time to reflect on the good things that hiding within you that you may not share with others and try to find a way to share that.


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  1. Great post girlfriend! We can be so hard on ourselves. We look for the best in everyone else, why not ourselves? Very thought provoking post and full of truth. ((hugs))


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