Friday, March 19, 2010

Fitness can be a part of YOUR life!

This post is for my dear blogging friend Annalisa who has made the brave decision of joining and enjoying the gym!
I LOVE working out! It has become pretty comforting to me lately. I just started back about a week ago, and I am glad I made the decision to do that. Yes, it does add $33 to our monthly budget, but it is so well worth it! Even just going 5 times a week (25 times a month) it is just over a dollar a day, and that includes chidcare for 3 kids while I workout! NOT too shabby, and as long as I use it, this is a wise investment for me. The sneaky part is my kids LOVE to go, so on days I don't feel up to it (though that hasnt' been my problem this week), I have them to encourage me. Also, it gives me a good bit of time to myself without having home blessings nagging at me, or a meal calling me to be prepared. It's a great time for me to unplug from everything, as much as I love techy kind of things, my phone and all stays IN MY LOCKER! The only thing I have while working out is my waterbottle, handtowel, and m MP3 player. :)

The gym offers me endless kinds of workouts. Lately I have been simply liking walking a 5k on the treadmill. I choose a variety of different courses to walk (in the settings on the treadmill) and go to town. This keeps me raising and lowering my incline while steadily walking toward the finish liine of the day. I walk 60 minutes when I can, otherwise 30 minutes on days I am pressed for time. Daily I strenght train, alternating days I work muscle groups. One day I work my arms, back, abs, and the other I work my legs and glutes.

I plan on soon joining in the many classes available, but I haven't done that yet. I used to LOVE spinning, but havent' done that in years. I was heavy then too, so I can't imagine how it would feel now.

Here are my tips:
1. Pick a time of day that works for you, and stick to it! For me, it is a committment just as arriving to work on time, cooking dinner, folding laundry. It is just "something" I do. Period.
2. Don't push it. If your feeling a little over tired, start out doing a bit of cardio. If your dragging, committ to go at least 30 minutes ~ and then re evaluate it. Alot of times I will be weary from the day, but once I hit that 30 minute mark, I realize I have enough energy to not only go the other 30 minutes, but I feel so much better. Exercise for me is truly a release.
3. If your feeling bored, try something new. I found I LOVE using the rowing machine.
4. Take a day off. I have at least one day off from "organized" working out. This does not mean you can't go out with the kids and play a game of chase.
5. DRINK YOUR WATER! I drink at least 48 oz of water while I workout. Anything less is not acceptable. 6. I eat dinner after I workout (because I generally exercise in the morning) within an hour afterwards. I usually eat lunch around noon, and do not often eat a snack. Some will argue that it isnt' healthy to do that, but that is what works for me. You will need to find what works for you as you food goes.

Annalisa, I can't wait to read more about your new journey! I am on Spring break, and even though it is "vacation" I have already worked out 4 days this week. I think that is pretty good. Next week, I go full force ~ 6 days! I am determined to continue this habit before summer vacation! So, I will be keeping tabs on you, and I hope you do the same with me!

I hope these tips helped any of you out there. If your struggling to get exercise in your day, maybe it is time to cut something else. You will see that my time online next week will be lower then it has this week. That is where my "extra" time seems to go. When I make my workouts a part of my daily activity, my home does not suffer. My family's dinner does not suffer. NO one has to "sacrafice" because I want to be healthy. It becomes just part of who we are. :)


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  1. Fitness CAN be part of our lives, absolutely!! Fitness is fun!! Great post.


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