Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hiding behind a mask

What mask are you hiding behind?

Don't say none, because we all do it. Everything looks good on the outside, and we even go as far as to tuck all the ugliness away to be unseen. Many times a day we change our mask to match the situation we are facing. Even when we look at our own reflection, we hide behind the mask.

The other day I was sharing in my day, and then had to go really quickly because I needed to "paint my face" on. Yes I meant makeup but, maybe I realized how much  more I meant by that statement then I led on.

I can go through my day and put on such a front that I even fool myself sometimes. Not for long, because thankfully God brings me back to reality, but please! I realize too often  how easy it is to put on a mask then to just deal with the situation at hand.

Today Pastor Garrett was sharing about how he keeps a bullet in his desk drawer. I have heard the story before, but every time I do, it brings tears to my eyes, and leaves my spirit broken. See he was a youth pastor for along time (several years) before moving up into an associate pastor's position in our church. Anyway, he was at youth camp and it was the last day. He had been talking the kids as a group when the Holy Spirit prompted him to approach one of the teens right then. He, for a split second second guessed it because after all, he was in the middle of something. Thankfully Garrett was obedient because he approached the young man. The teen was very popular and on the outside looked like he had it all together. After talking to him for a while, the teen gave his life to the Lord. The next week, the teen approached Garrett and handed him a bullet. He told him that he had prayed, and if God didn't do something that week at camp, he was going to come home and blow his brains out. Thankfully the Lord moved, and Garrett listened. When the teen handed the bullet to Garrett he told him that he didn't need anymore, that he now had God.

How many times do we put on a fa sod and make it look good to others (even ourselves) that we are all put together, and life is grand when it feels completely and utterly hopeless? How many times do we look at others and think that they have it all together just by the way things appear on the outside? There is so much that God can do through us if we would just be honest with others, and even more so with ourselves. There is so much power in letting go of the fake stuff just because we are afraid of being judged. I am here to tell you there is always going to be someone judging you in this world. We humans are very critical of others, as well as ourselves. If we were as critical though of our own selves, as we are others, there would be far less hurting going on. Why? Because I can tell you first hand I have enough to be critical over in my life, that I no longer have time to focus on you, or her, or that one over there.

So, on this first Sunday in March, I am announcing to the entire world that I am taking off my mask forever. I challenge each of you to consider to do the same. It's hard. It's painful. But I am ready to be completely FREE to be what God has created me to be and I can't do that until I allow myself to be completely genuine with myself and others. I can't fool God, neither can you. Why don't we just stop trying to.


My name is Sheila. From this point forward I may share things you don't like. That is fine. If you don't like it, simply don't read it. Point blank. I am learning to love me for who I am and I am inviting you to do the same. You don't have to love, just accept me as I am. Flaws and all. And I promise, to accept you just as you are.


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  1. Bravo! I'm joining you too! I'm taking my mask off. I honestly feel that is why I decided against making my blog private. I may not be able to share the most intimate of details, but I can still be transparent enough for people to know the real me. Love ya girl!!


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