Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I don't want to grow up, or do I?

Sometimes being an adult is hard. We have to make choices that are difficult, yet prove we have a level head on our shoulders. But you know what, it doesn't have to be so hard does it? Not when we weigh things out and ponder them purposefully.

I have become a big fan of initializing a pros and cons list to determine what is right for the moment. But before that, I always believe in prayer and finding clarity. I have learned to listen to my innerself, the part of me that knowingly tells me something is not right, or something is perfect.Whether it be a big thing or a little thing, God has given us a spirit within us to determine right from wrong. And Wrong doesn't have to mean sinful, it could be something like a family vacation, that is just in the wrong timing.

I had to say no yesterday to someone I love dearly, because well, the timing just wasn't right. THAT is what makes it hard. Saying NO when you know it's the right thing to do yet feeling like you let someone down. Instantly when the final decision was made, I felt a rush of peace and my mind could finally rest. Luckily this person is family, and she loves me even when she doesn't understand me.

I am finding myself in a new season daily, and I guess as this new season blooms your going to hear alot of it. It is what I am about right now, what moves me. I know when I turned 30 it was rough. I grew in every way then. It seems that when I turned 36 it has done the same. But in a different manner. 30 was painful kind of growth. I am not fighting it now as I did then. Does this really happen every so often for you? Where you find yourselves going in different direction then you were when you were a few years younger? Whatever is going on, I do accept it. And thankfully I have kept my "young at heart" attitude because I am just LOVING teaching this semester. Being pulled in so many directions at the preschool lately has truly given me a new appreciation of my classroom and each little person in it.

I have been trying to use up whatever boxed items I have in my pantry, as we are moving more to all scratch cooking. Sure it takes a few more minutes, but the rewards are priceless. I can tell a difference even in my precious children's behavior. I let them have cake, but one without the extra chemcials and junk. I let them have cookies, but not from a package or a mix. Did you know that foods without all those perservatives and chemcials that our bodies were not even created to digest to begin with, are more filling and satisfying? Yes I use REAL butter! I use WHITE flour (gluten issues). I use White sugar too. I still see a difference in their behavior. I am going to continue this path of wholesome scratch cooking and see what becomes of it. My own kids monitor their weight (just goes to show habits are environmental) and I will know if they gain too rapidly just by simply moving them into eating what they want, as long as it was a prepackaged food. My kids do not have a weight problem at all.~ Getting of my soapbox now ~

I love how I hear "I just don't have time for that kind of stuff"... as if I have more magical hours in a day. :) That even comes from a few who work part time, or not at all. It's not that you don't have time, it's that you choose to do other things with your time. Right now, I am focusing on taking care of my family in a way that will be fruitful for years to come. Not just the here and now. It's always the bigger picture in things..... and we live in a society who lives in the "now" not caring about tomorrow. Shame on you, if you do not look into your children's future and see what you are setting them up for. Yes I said it, and I am NOT ashamed!

This new season is finding me much more in the 'adult' mode then I have ever been before, and that is okay! I truly am loving being a grown up!


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  1. Growing up is definitely painful at times, but well worth the struggle.


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