Sunday, March 7, 2010

One masks is going away ... right this minute!

Have you ever felt like a hypocrite? I do. Each day I choose to "go off plan" rather then just say no to whatever temptation may be there. I am still very weak when it comes to giving into temptations. I am still very wishy washy at times when I choose what I am going to eat for the day. I am learning however, that I do not like eating off plan one bit. NOT ONE. I am a natural low carber. I say that because that is how I personally feel best on. My mind is clear, my body has lots of energy to use. Now, I have to say I am a CARB Addict. Yes I am. It's my crack. The sugar, white flour, oh yeah.... my mouth just salivates.

A year ago I tried to go 365 days of low carb. I want to try to accomplish that again. I don't want to give in to things that don't make me feel well. I don't want to use circumstances as a reason to overeat and not feel well. I don't want to use Holidays as a pig out session. I want to look at each day AND meal as a gift, a blessing, and a way to rebuild this temple that has been destroyed for so many years.

I am going out on a leap of faith here and saying that I am making another attempt at 365 days straight of low carbing . In that time, I am also going to exercise in one form or another every single day. Holiday or not. Vacation or work day. Weekday or weekend.  It's not going to be an obsession, but a lifestyle. These are two habits I am seriously working on in the next year. The best way to make sure I do them well is to do them all the way.

And you can keep up with  me if you like! Living with Purpose 365 is going to be a place that I will blog daily focusing on my low carb eating and what exercise I do for the day. It is completely a place of accountability. Now, for those who have been following me throughout the last two years know that I have been on a weight loss journey. I have lost 80 pounds. While I still have a dream number I would like to see on the scale, it isn't all about weight loss. It is about consistency in my lifestyle changes to increase my health, endurance and longevity. It's about stepping up to the plate I preach about, and how I handle social situations.

I also wanted to have a special spot to document for other health bloggers to not get boggled down with all my "life" stuff I share here on oneprettylittlebox. I will still share victories and struggles with my journey here as well. It's just who I am. THIS place is home. The other is just like a special little box just pertaining to my health. I will continue to write pretty regular on this blog because well... it's who I am. I love sharing about my littles, my love, the happenings around town, in the preschool, and whatever God lays on my heart. I will continue to share recipes, my weekly menu (for the family), and loads of other things, so don't feel like I am leaving you. I am just shifting gears for a bit. If it doesn't workout like I want, I will just transfer it all in here but I want to give it a shot. Some of you who come here, could care less about my weight loss, eating, or exercise routines. But I need it! I need the accountability! So if you want to help hold me accountable, pray for me, and stop by and follow over there too. (At this very moment it is bare, so bare with me!)

I guess this is just one way for me to take one of my many masks off.


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  1. Girl you know I'm here for you and already on the way to your new blog. (((hugs)))


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