Thursday, March 25, 2010

Perhaps a new vision?


  1. You should see the Aus version of PE. It's so good! Some days I'm up at the school and he has a boom box going, and it's basically him (the PE teacher, Mr. Goddard is fantastic) teaching a dance aerobics class! The kids are almost all into it. Other days its a variety of sports, once a week each class spends 40 min in the pool (our school is lucky to have one onsite). There's no bus in the area (it's an inner city school) so most kids walk, some (like mine) drive with their parents, but it's a very active lifestyle. PLEASE, I encourage you to do what you can to get those kids moving! Mine do swim lessons, swim club, and soccer, plus we do a lot of walking and riding bikes and jumping on trampoline. It's ultimately up to the parents I think, but making sure each student finds some form of activity that they ENJOY is sooooo important for later on in life!

    Go Sheila!!!

  2. Sounds like an awesome vision to me!!!


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