Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Preparing for a future

I am preparing for a future, are you? For many weeks, months, years I spent a lot of time just getting through today, let alone even thinking about the future. As a child, I longed for the future but now it seems that that future is here, I am just now learning that while we are suriviving, we are pepping ourself for the next stage in life. Whether we want to or not.

We need to learn that when we just focus on today, that is all we are going to do. Now, I am not saying go off the deep end and ONLY prepare for tomorrow. THAT is foolish. But it is foolish to think that as long as we get through today we are okay.

I am a planner by nature. I realize not everyone is. But let me give you glimpse of what I am talking about.

You wake up and say "Oh, I don't feel like doing anything today." so you don't. But that becomes a habit when you do it every single day. We can't always function on our feelings. Sometimes we have to push through those feelings no matter how uncomfortable they might be. When we don't push through, we will find ourselves in a rut, and then always simply depending on ourself, no longer looking to God for strength.

Now, some might argue and say that by preparing for our future makes it so we don't have to depend on God anymore, but your wrong. Whether we are responsible adults and prepare for tomorow or not, we should always depend on God. THAT will ensure a future that is not only successful, but your destiny.

This post isn't coming out as clear as I want, but I feel the urgency to share. I have probably lost a friend or two in the last couple of months because of my drive to share what the Lord has me to share. I can't be bothered by worrying on that. I have for along time now prayed that God would put the friendships in my path that would bring Him glory. I long to have that friend who will say "I see your troubled, I am going to pray for you" rather then "I see your troubled, want to get drunk?". Yes, that is the method some of my friends used many times over in a path I used to travel regularly. That is the only way they seem to get through the day sometimes. I am past that. Have been for a long time. LONG time. But, it is hard to let people go whom you have shared alot with for along time. But as I prepare for my future, I need to surround myself with people who are trying to live their life for Christ, NOT always who are living that way one day a week then letting themslves go the other six days.

I see God taking me places, but I have to get in proper alignment as I go. I know that he plans for my future his word says so. He has dreamed BIG dreams within this little body. Dreams that I can only get a tiny glimpse of, and in ways that I can only imagine. He is going to go beyond my wildest dreams and imagination, if only I can let go of my past, and begin preparng for my future. I truly see myself in a total different light as if he is moving me up and giving me the desire of my heart. You all know I have a lot to share ~ both in writing, and hopefully one day by speaking in public. Our lives  have to be free from drama, and anything that might shed a negative light on my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ ~ or the media will rip you apart. I truly can see God moving me into that kind of level ~ one day. In my future.

There have been things I have prayed for in my home, and I know that God cannot move in those situations until I am seriously ready to go along for the ride. LOTS of committment, lots of training yet to go before me. I see that as an exciting thing, and I truly need to "get my act together", but I can only do it by depending on Him, as I prepare for my future. For my children's future.

Do you have a future worth preparing for? I am sure you do!



  1. Yes! Preparing for the future that God has planned for us.

  2. You are so beautiful Sheila. I am so happy to be reading this this morning. It spoke straight to my heart. Thank you again.


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